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Marcela Arellano - @mareflo11 Instagram Profile Photomareflo11

Marcela Arellano

Marcela Arellano - @mareflo11 Instagram Photo


Seed of Kindness - @seedofkindness Instagram Profile Photoseedofkindness

Seed of Kindness

Seed of Kindness - @seedofkindness Instagram Photo

STRESS AWAY: this one basically lives in my nostrils. Haha. It smells soooo good! I put it in a lot of blends. •It pretty much does what the name suggests. Understatement! But this blend of copaiba, lime, vanilla cedarwood, ocotea and lavender essential oils smells amazing and it helps bring relief to the everyday stresses we can feel.•If you're someone who finds the Christmas season stressful, you might like to know that this little beauty comes in the premium starter kit!!

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The best thing about working out at home is that you can wear whatever you want!!.I started this week with an upper body workout by @goodfortheswole- rather than using a regular bench, everything was utilising the ball. Felt absolutely wonderful to incorporate so much core engagement in a safe way! .#fitpregnancy#29weekspregnant

Little Mouse | Sarah - @shop_little_mouse Instagram Profile Photoshop_little_mouse

Little Mouse | Sarah

Little Mouse | Sarah - @shop_little_mouse Instagram Photo

It has been a BUSY weekend and although I have a million things to do for our show this coming weekend @themodernmomshowI am going to shut it down early and take a cue for this cutie and do some maxin and relaxin ... and by that I mean .. respond to DMs and emails in my PJs with ice cream in hand.••Hope you all had an amazing weekend and if you haven’t already, check a few post back for a chance to win tickets to the show for FREE! More money in your wallet to buy all the pretties

Alex and Julie Boye**OFFICIAL - @theboyefamilyjewels Instagram Profile Phototheboyefamilyjewels

Alex and Julie Boye**OFFICIAL

Alex and Julie Boye**OFFICIAL - @theboyefamilyjewels Instagram Photo

This quite possibly could have been the longest Sunday of my life. I’m kind of over going to church and being cornered with “you’re still pregnant!” And “you poor dear” so I took my time this morning and waddled in late. We didn’t see any family today and I hate Sundays where I don’t see them. So it made the afternoon extra long. Alex was so helpful and made lunch and a jambalaya dinner and we got three kids asleep before 7pm-so there was a plus side to staying home tonightand honestly-the difference between boys and girls...he’s thankful for goldfish, she’s thankful for her eyes, the world, everything is so special to her why were we made so blasted emotional!? It’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t help when men are NOT!before i forget, the winner for our Alex Boye Africanized Christmas concert ticket giveaway is@ach1d3st3rDM me your email! Alright guys, send me all your positive labor vibes. I have 7 days for baby girl’s eviction and then Alex flies to NYC! #panicking#theboyefamilyjewels#pregnancy#thankful #familyvloggers#alexinconcert#sunday #church #jambalaya

Aaryn Williams - @aaryn_williams Instagram Profile Photoaaryn_williams

Aaryn Williams

Aaryn Williams - @aaryn_williams Instagram Photo

Sweet dreamsWe made it half way to the daddy's girl charm today! THANK YOU so much for the continued support.If you haven't ordered your bag yet, head to the link in my bio and click "back this project".. scroll down to see all of the different reward levels! Your card won't be charged until December 15th when the campaign ends!note: the duchess pouf will have ears and all of the metal hardware (& YKK zipper) will be matching rose gold (the color I chose is the one shown here on the charm clips). The items shown are all prototypes....#aarynwilliams#aarynwilliamsdiaperbag#itzyritzy#diaperbag#blushandnavy#diaperbagbackpack#momboss#bossbackpack#preglife#pregnant#pregnancy#firsttrimester#secondtrimester#thirdtrimester#2under2#momlife#girlmom#boymom

MomNicole&HazelClaire - @hazel.claire_ Instagram Profile Photohazel.claire_


MomNicole&HazelClaire - @hazel.claire_ Instagram Photo

-Page of Hazel where you will always have photos of the pregnancy until her birth and her day to day ️28 weeks on the way to 29 weeksMy little girl Hazel ️------- * Página da Hazel onde você sempre terá fotos da gravidez até o nascimento e o dia a dia ️28 semanas a caminho de 29 semanasMinha pequena Hazel ️----------#love#pregnant#pregnancy#28weeks#australia#melbourne#follow4follow#followme#followbackalways#follow#followmeto#followmenow#followmefollowyou#like4like#f4f#likeforlike#likesforlikes#like4follow#like4likers#followshoutoutlikecomment#followers#loveislove#photography#model#blondehair#nicepicture

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