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(Haven't done a 'Top 3' in a while)Now petrolheads like me(who are broke),obviously would like to buy a fast car,like a Mclaren or somethin' like that,but our wallets usualy have a limit to how much the price of the car is,which is an issue for people like me,thats why here are the Top 3 Cheap Fast Cars Under $10k(U.S,I was using,great website with good deals,go check them out)1)1988-1991Honda CRXYou could usualy get a CRX in a few of different engines,from a 1.5litre that produces around 62horsepower,to a 1.6litre VTEC engine that produces around 150horsepower,these little cars were good,light,fast cars,and who could forget the amazing fuel economy,all of that for a price from $1.2k-$9k on Cargurus.com2)1976-1988Porsche 924Time for some German legends ladies and gent's,this car was offered with a 2litre engine,to a 2.5litre water-cooled Inline-four,did 0-60mph in 12.6secs but wasn't too bad if I'm honest,plus the 924 is a great tunning and customizing car,so expect to see some great creations,all for $1.5k-$8.9k on Carguruz.com3)1991-1995Toyota MR2 W20Mid-Engine cars you would usualy find on exotic cars like supercars,abit unusual to find it on a Toyota,but yea here we have the MR2,a car that was $20k back in 1991,came wth either a 2.2litre inline 4,2litre inline 4,and a 2litre turbo,made a good amount of horsepower,and had quite a good center of weight,it is also a great tunning and customising car,and you'll expect to pay $2.7k-$10k on Carguruz.comI'll do a part 2,and a uk version of this soon,looking for good used cars,go check out,a great wesite with good deals,great prices too,go check them out#honda#crx#crz#porsche#porsche924#toyota#mr2#supercars#cheapcars#instacars#cartalk#cargram#carporn#carpeople#petrolheadtours#petrolheads#petrolheadz#petrolheadnews#cupganging#cupgangasia#cupgang#thesvipeasia#thesvipe#carthrottle#cartrivia

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