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슈야 / Lorraine 현수 Kong (@shuyatheartist) Instagram Profile Photoshuyatheartist

슈야 / Lorraine 현수 Kong

슈야 / Lorraine 현수 Kong (@shuyatheartist) Instagram Photo

#현슈타그램#음스타그램내가 가장 조아하는 밴드 #소란의 오늘 나온 신보가사가 넘 예뿌다 노래가 노래인만큼 편지쓰듯이 부르기.오랜만에 이렇게 편지를 쓰네다른 것보다 가장 좋아하는 걸알면서도 그래서 네가 나한테변했다고 하나 봐 근데 그건 아닌 거 알지그냥 문득 네가 옆에있다는 게 그냥갑자기 미안하고 고마워서요즘 나는 별로지바쁘고 무심하고모르겠어 어쩌면 내 마음은다른 힘든 일들이다 너를 위한 거라고맘대로 착각했나 봐 여전히 나는 나밖에 모르고

Hannah Durbin (@healthy_happy_hannah) Instagram Photo

When you look at a stranger, what is the first thing you notice? Do you see their flaws, or do you glorify their perfections?_________When you see yourself, what is the first thing you notice? Your flaws, or do you glorify your perfections?_________Sadly enough, I’m sure I already know your answer, and you know what I say? Enough with the self-criticism. Do you know how beautiful you are in the eyes of others? Take off those glasses that are keeping you blind from all of the light that illuminates from that gorgeous soul of yours. You’re truly breathtaking and it’s about dang time for you to enjoy the view

은실 (@________siri) Instagram Photo

소란미니앨범이 나왔습니다〰 (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و이렇게 좋을수가 없으니 꼭 들어보세요오-#소란#polar#연애같은걸하니까#소르골라이브

Cheeto (@exotic_cheeto) Instagram Photo

Slowly getting easier... I am a little bummed because my @polarglobalwatch is defective and hasn't been saving my workouts... luckily @amazoncustomer service is awesome and I'll have a replacement by Saturday! #polarfitness#polar#running#amazon#halfmarathontraining#disneyprincesshalfmarathon

くにらぼ。 (@kuni_labo) Instagram Profile Photokuni_labo


くにらぼ。 (@kuni_labo) Instagram Photo

Tarzan最新号No.731・今回のテーマは、「上半身テッパン筋トレ50」・胸や腹、腕、肩等いわゆる"いいカラダ"を作るためのエクササイズがガッツリ紹介されています・テッパンなので、ぜひご覧ください(^^)・連載しているBAKA TRAINING COLLEGE・今回のエクササイズは、"ハンガー・バトン(腕でハンガーを回転させろ!)"・ぜひチャレンジしてみてください・ちなみに、次回号の「下半身テッパン筋トレ50」では監修させていただいた記事か掲載されます・お楽しみに#tarzan#ターザン

Thouard Jean Louis (@jlthouard) Instagram Profile Photojlthouard

Thouard Jean Louis

Thouard Jean Louis (@jlthouard) Instagram Photo

"Le toit"Illustration réalisée pour la revue Polar « Sang froid » pour un article sur le droit d’avoir un toit pour les migrants. #polar#revue#sangfroid#jlthouard#migrant#illustration#art

Doris V (@dosidovi) Instagram Profile Photodosidovi

Doris V

Doris V (@dosidovi) Instagram Photo

Metabolic Renewal - Phase 2, Week 5, Workout B (MRP2W5WOB).Equipment Used:8 lb DBs for Rear Delt Flys, 12 lb DBs for the rest of exercises, NextRoller, Mobility Star for cool down..The 5 exercise circuit was (45 sec/exercise) for 4 rounds, total 15 minutes:.* 5 Rear Delt Flyes + 5 Count Hold at Top* 5 Push-ups + 5 Plank Rows* Alt Bent Over Rows (5 Count Hold at Top + 5 Pulses in Middle)* 5 High Knees + 5 Mountain Climbers* Get Ups.Very busy morning for me.No time to waste.No walk today most likely.Still recovering from being sick, but feeling better each day.No School for Kids and husband has a half day at work..Good working.Breathing issues, but no inhaler needed.Increased my DBs on all exercises.Yay!The key for me to do Get-Ups is to roll to my side and face the floor to get up so that I don’t get the dizzy issues..Kids will be doing cleaning and helping me cook.So glad to have my teenagers and they are so helpful..On to a busy day..#metabolicrenewal#jadeteta#gountilyoucantrestuntilyoucan#metabolicrenewalphase2#phase2week5workoutb#wednesdaysworkoutdone#bodyweightworkout#homeworkouts#polarm430#awesomeworkout#polar#dumbbellworkouts#happywednesday#getmoving#15minuteworkouts

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