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Terribly Tiny Tales (@ttt_official) Instagram Profile Photottt_official

Terribly Tiny Tales


Dear College Best Friend,College. The so-called demo simulation of the real world out there. For me, it was the perfect place to find people who match my level of (in)sanity. School friends are awesome, sure, but there’s something special about the ones we meet in college. There’s something extra satisfying about having people around you, suffering together through the maze of projects, tests, assignments, exams, and presentations.Given my lousy luck, befriending you was more of luck-by-chance. Jokes apart; thank god for your existence, or I would’ve lost my mind in this place where all of us have to pretend to be adults. From getting to know each other, completing each other’s sentences, to your lessons right before the exam.I remember the tea, coffee and shopping dates, us obsessing over food, surprising each other with our favourites, and me constantly pushing you to talk to your crush(es). From the times we bunk all the lectures and just waste the day sitting in the canteen to drunk dancing, I-don’t-remember-anything nights and hungover promises of never-again.I remember our fights and standing up for each other (basically, proxy). The last-minute submissions and the panic. From finding joy in complaining and cribbing about the syllabus and grades to planning trips to Leh, Ladakh, Goa, and Manali. We have hard-core discussions about the new favourite TV series, analysing theories and characters just to go back to watching re-runs of Dil Chahta Hai in the end.From pushing through the bad days and laughing through the good ones, to surviving the burden of growing up. You will have pretty interesting and epic stories to tell your kids, thanks to me.In all seriousness, I’m extremely glad I have someone like you through the most critical and difficult phase of our lives, where we’re still getting to paint our dreams with the colours of reality. The picture isn’t always pretty, but hey, at least I have good company to laugh at the misery.Love,MadhaviMadhavi Arora (@madhavi.arora )