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Alex Spivak - @cotepodcast Instagram Accountcotepodcast

Alex Spivak

Alex Spivak - @cotepodcast Instagram Photo

An abandoned building far off the beaten path. Make sure to follow the show and visit #abandonedplaces#abandoned#podcast#podernfamily#podcasts#podcasting#buildings#creepy#mysterious

Nicole | Investor + Presenter - @nsbremner Instagram Accountnsbremner

Nicole | Investor + Presenter

Nicole | Investor + Presenter - @nsbremner Instagram Photo
Coppa ClubReportShareDownload117

Sometimes you need to feel like a tourist in your own city. It's something I haven't done enough of. Yesterday I was invited by @missandrealuiseof @ackroydlowrieto breakfast in the igloos @coppaclub.My walk along the Thames Path as the sun rose behind Tower Bridge was spectacular enough followed by entertaining and insightful conversation with some highly respected and interesting people in property. Thanks for having me Andrea and Jon and thanks to @saranasrallafor the introduction.

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