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I found her roaming the streets. As I pulled up to 1667758202588967738

I found her roaming the streets. As I pulled up to the stop sign she kept turning to look at me as if she was asking for help. I put the truck in park and hopped out. She walked right up to me and waited for me to help her. Broken paw. Scratches and cuts on her legs and arms. Missing hair from a part of her tail. Infected eyes. I knew there was more medical damage than I could afford. And I knew she needed medical attention before being around healthy dogs - is the ONLY reason I didn’t bring her home. I don’t know her story or where she came from or where she was going. I just know she was asking for help.I searched for anyplace that would take her in and give her medical treatment and adopt her out. Nothing. I get it, I do. There are far too many irresponsible human beings on this planet.I was forced to drop her off at the Humane Society where I was told she would be put down in three days. My heart is absolutely broken because all I want is to save her life. I picked her up to help her and now she will die. She wasn’t shit to whomever neglected her but her life means something to me.Can ANYONE please give me any advice?!? Does anyone know of a place in DFW that would take her in and help her?! I was told she is about 3 or 4 years old.#pitbull #fortworth #dallas #help #dog #doglovers #shestooyoungtodie #adopt #rescue #advocate #donate

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Family photos with matching bandanas!Roger and F 1667757061847326387

Family photos with matching bandanas!Roger and Finn, these guys are too cute!__________________________Handcrafted reversible dog bandanas. All bandanas have the option to add personalization (unless it has it’s own printed design pressed onto it already). Our bandanas are designed with a curve at the neck to comfortably fit your pet’s neck without the bunching that occurs with triangle styled bandanas. Link is in our bio. Wag on with your swag on !

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