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Chloe Vuitton - @chloevuitton Instagram Accountchloevuitton

Chloe Vuitton

Chloe Vuitton - @chloevuitton Instagram Photo

I want you to be happyI just wish you was with me.. #indigenous#transgender#pisces

Domonick Gravine - @domonickgravine Instagram Accountdomonickgravine

Domonick Gravine

Domonick Gravine - @domonickgravine Instagram Photo

We've all changed, but are still the same️ love these boys @tomkraky@dirtbiketina#bff#love#leo#virgo#pisces

Ramen Noodles 😂 - @x.mythical_zodiac.x Instagram Accountx.mythical_zodiac.x

Ramen Noodles 😂

Ramen Noodles 😂 - @x.mythical_zodiac.x Instagram Photo
Mallory (malbabe) Vogel - @designingmalbabe Instagram Accountdesigningmalbabe

Mallory (malbabe) Vogel

Mallory (malbabe) Vogel - @designingmalbabe Instagram Photo

Tonight is a New Moon in Scorpio. A tipping point of transformation.@foreverconscioustells: “It is all about shedding our skin and stepping into the new..We have all been on a journey of new beginnings this year, and the Scorpio New Moon will act like a culmination or “birthing” point of this energy.⠀⠀After a year of trials, challenges and growing pains, we are now ready to access deeper levels of our soul and step into a new potential..By peeling back the layers and uncovering a new layer, we can not only transform our lives but we can also gain a deeper understanding of who we really are and what journey or lessons our soul has come here to share.”.I’m feelin’ it (if you can’t tell) - and I’m ready. Gonna put my crystals out to cleanse and charge in the moon’s darkness, start a new book, and go to bed. .Happy New Moon in Scorpio ️ I hope it brings beautiful new begininngs for you too

horoscope posts 💓 - @horoscopesxbb Instagram Accounthoroscopesxbb

horoscope posts 💓

horoscope posts 💓 - @horoscopesxbb Instagram Photo


Alicia Janae Williams - @_aliciajanae Instagram Account_aliciajanae

Alicia Janae Williams

Alicia Janae Williams - @_aliciajanae Instagram Photo

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Rihanna! I love her fashion sense. Music and personality. And she’s a fellow Pisces. So she’s super awesome,lol#ootd#fashion#fridayfashion#fashioninsta#badgirlriri#rihanna#favsinger#pisces#blogger#styleicon

🌈ALL THINGS PRETTY🔮 - @little_miss_gypsy Instagram Accountlittle_miss_gypsy


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