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I’ve been in very few relationships in my #life.1671257497572506708

I’ve been in very few relationships in my #life .I’ve only been in 3 in my #adultlife .Only one has been long lasting, like the #friendshiphas been solidified and I know that dude got me.But for the most part, I have been bad at pairing.I’ve been bad at it mainly because it’s not organically a #lifestylefor me.I knew it as a #kid .I knew it as a #teen .I wanted to defy it as an adult.After years and #generationstelling me that this kind of #loveand relationship is the #brassring .After 7 years of being on my #doloand gaining beautiful friendships without the threat of losing myself.I know for sure now... THAT’S NOT MY TRUTH!I’m not a #wifeor #girlfriend !I’m the girl from Ipanema!I’m a great #friend .I’m a great #lover .But I’m NOT going to “fight to keep us together.” I’m not going to “fight for us.” I’m a lover not a fighter.I will leave before I stay.I get up from tables that love ain’t being served.I’m this way mainly because of my parents.High school sweethearts.Married with two kids.And they were a live action #sadealbum.Beautiful.Tragic.Toxic.I would watch them and think, I never wanna be in love like that.Bless your heart if that’s your life!It just ain’t my ministry.#aintmyministry#thingsajawnwillsay#cardboard#art#philly#illadelphempress#sketching#mybluepeople

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Chris Baker Evens

Me and Pedro from the Little Bastiens are tight! 1671255995173002545

Me and Pedro from the Little Bastiens are tight!