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Рай перфекциониста - @perfecto__p Instagram Profile Photoperfecto__p

Рай перфекциониста

Рай перфекциониста - @perfecto__p Instagram Photo

Какой контраст

GAGA NEWZ - @gaganewz Instagram Profile Photogaganewz


GAGA NEWZ - @gaganewz Instagram Photo

And don’t miss Lady Gaga performing The Cure LIVE on the American Music Awards TODAY at 8/7c on ABC!

Nick Norman. - @nicholasnorman Instagram Profile Photonicholasnorman

Nick Norman.

Nick Norman. - @nicholasnorman Instagram Photo

Fashun! Lookin good and feelin’ fine. •••••#yru#platforms#90s#fashion#fashun#gaga#perfectillusion#selfie#beard#grunge#punk

Lady Gaga - @ladygagafanfiction Instagram Photo


🐼---Roxy Berlingeri M.---🦄 - @iamroxy_96 Instagram Profile Photoiamroxy_96

🐼---Roxy Berlingeri M.---🦄

🐼---Roxy Berlingeri M.---🦄 - @iamroxy_96 Instagram Photo

Ajajjajajajajajajaajaj que hijos de mil putas pero buen intento #buenosdias#perfectillusion#intentalo#motherfuckers#memes#ironia#latina#quechuchas

Lady Gaga - @ladygagafanfiction Instagram Photo

IT'S CONTEST TIME MONSTERS!!-Late October I had asked you guys if you'd like a little contest and you guys seemed to like the idea of it, that's why I'm here today to hopefully make one of you at least a little happy.I'm aware that here on instagram, when there are contests, the hosts mostly have rules like "you have to like ALL my posts" or "post (something) and tag us etc." Luckily... I'm not like that.-ALTHOUGH THERE WILL BE SOME RULES OFC!!!-"But what can we win?" Well, good question.If you join the contest and follow the rules you have a chance to win a personalised story all about you and Stefani (and/or of course other people you wish for)! You can choose any storyline, any genre. From being on a date with Just Dance era Gaga or walking the dogs with Stefani to having sexual relations with the countess, ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF, LITTERLY!!!-THE RULES:1. You have to be following me!2. Dm me why you'd want me to write about you!3. Tag 2 other people who might be interested (the more the best!)I'll be checking!!! -Deadline Monday 20th of November 5pm Western European Time (WET): at 6pm I'll post the winner-GOOD LUCK !!

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