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Big Ben & PradaEnchilada 🐶🐶 (@serendipitouswiggletales) Instagram Profile Photoserendipitouswiggletales

Big Ben & PradaEnchilada 🐶🐶

Ain't Nobody Got Spoons 4 That (@spoonietipswap) Instagram Profile Photospoonietipswap

Ain't Nobody Got Spoons 4 That


This looks really neat!#spoonietipswap#chroniclife#anxiety#panicdisorder#stressmanagement#ptsd#mindfulness#dbt@regrannedfrom @lexiemanion-I received a box of goodies from Calm Box and wanted to share what I got and my thoughts with you guys! I’m going through a stressful time in my life right now so these little reminders to take good care of my mind and body arrived at the perfect time. I love all the products and truly appreciate what the company is doing. Practicing mindfulness and self care in this day and age especially is so vital. My favorite products are “the little zen companion” book and the chakra candle (which is so soothing and smells amazing ah!). Thank you @thecalmboxfor creating such a great product. I included photos of each product I received in this post and the last 2 photos are straight from the website and explain more about what they do. There is a link to their website in my bio and I urge you to check them out if you want to learn more! I definitely recommend this product for anyone who is interested in finding new products designed for self care/ mindfulness practices and for anyone who would like to further their practices with products that are designed to help you find more peace and calmness. This is a wonderful product and I’m definitely considering adding on a subscription in the future!- #regrann

Posts spreading info on SDs! (@servicedog_education) Instagram Profile Photoservicedog_education

Posts spreading info on SDs!


*Graphics curdosy of dysautonomia intl*Service dogs for people with POTS can be very helpful. People with POTS can experience lightheadedness, spiking in heart rate, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, and more. Service dogs can alert to the sudden spike in heart rate, to let the handler know its time to sit down and rest, or if cleared, the dogs can also assist with counter balance and other mobility tasks.

One day at a Time (@itryreallyhardactually) Instagram Profile Photoitryreallyhardactually

One day at a Time

Finals week is rough. Even last semester when I fi 1672267492108809670

Finals week is rough. Even last semester when I finished all my finals beforehand, there's just this aura of stress and gloom. One of my favorite stress releases is music. Yesterday, I went into the bathroom before my final and blasted "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers because it's a song that I know every note and chord to and it helps ground me. I also love singing and learning more guitar and so here's something I recorded last December to help me practice switching chords!

My tv show watching has become similar to my book1672260400697927855

My tv show watching has become similar to my book reading. I find my concentration is terrible, I start something, get half way and give up or I get half way and suddenly become distracted by something else. I have 5 half read books on the go and 4 tv shows I’m halfway through. I’m starting to worry about Uni next year and about whether I can successfully get through it with such limited concentration. (I know it’s ridiculous to worry now when it’s 3.5 months in the future and anything could happen but I’m still stressing out anyway - thanks anxiety.) Does anyone have any good tips for concentration/finishing things when you have limited concentration?I’m finding even watching a 20 minute show (Mystery Diners) is too long for my brain and it starts to drift off after 15 minutes. ️ - Also feel like ECT is partly to blame because I feel like my concentration was a ‘tiny’ bit better prior to having it.#mentalhealth#anxiety#depression#university#concentration#panicdisorder#panicattacks#anxietyattacks#electroconvulsivetherapy#mentalhealthawareness#ect#mentalillness#livedexperience#majordepressivedisorder#goingalloutwithhashtags#mentalhealthblogger#mentalhealthrecovery#mentalillnessrecovery

Ally Abrahamian (@the_anxious_aerialist) Instagram Profile Photothe_anxious_aerialist

Ally Abrahamian

Beloved routine snippet. Sometimes the “most wonde 1672223750634863595

Beloved routine snippet. Sometimes the “most wonderful time of the year” feels more like the “most physically exhausting and emotionally draining time of the year.” If you are feeling like I am, tired and not in the Christmas spirit, just remember you are so loved even when life is tough. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! It will get better. Never give up. Keep your eyes fixed on the Light above. ️ #theanxiousaerialist

Sofie von Edelweiss (@servicedogsofie) Instagram Profile Photoservicedogsofie

Sofie von Edelweiss

It's on days like today, that I am grateful to hav 1672240825545541353

It's on days like today, that I am grateful to have the support that I have. In sight of my having such a stressful beginning to start the day, we decided a night out of town would do us some good. Tonight, we stopped at McAlister's for a good meal, some sweet tea, and some fresh cookies. It was extremely nice to sit down and relax with the hubby and my amazing girl Sof. They are so awesome at keeping my mind in a better place. Here she is sporting a nice "under". Then to top things off, we went to Petco to treat Sof to some much needed pampering. It turned out to be a much better day than anticipated...#servicedog#assistancedog#psychiatricservicedog#medicalalertdog#ptsd#generalizedanxietydisorder#anxiety#chronicillness#chronicillnesswarrior#depression#panicattack#panicdisorder#helper#demons#germanshepherd#germanshepherddog#gsd#whitegermanshepherd#doglover#gsdlover#goodgirl#gooddog#bestfriend

Yeah this never worked for me either..#momlif 1672230916854663279

Yeah this never worked for me either..#momlife#calmdown#anxiety#panicdisorder#women

Aspiring toward photosynthesis (@mutatedgarden) Instagram Profile Photomutatedgarden

Aspiring toward photosynthesis


Rant time.A lot of people on here like to "inform me" harmlessly of their knowledge many things. This includes: their opinion on BMI, their political views that differ from mine, MY EATING HABITS, things my nutritionist tells me, things my doctor tells me, and actual fact. They get very pissed off and condescending if I tell them that my source and facts are credible amd that their statement is either irrelevant/different than mine or incorrect.My personal favorite was after my deleted "there is no bad food" post. The entire thing was about "I dont want your opinion on my diet, you don't know more than my dietitian". I got a message telling me how ramen noodles (at that point, I ate them fairly frequently but at a controlled portion) are HORRIBLE for me and that there ARE bad foods. She proceeded to send me articles on bad foods, and was convinced she COULD NEVER trigger me because at one point she struggled with disordered eating.At that point, I was barely holding on to recovery and had recently lost my long term partner.As a result, I have developed a fear of ramen noodles and that was one of the things that pushed me over the edge into relapse.Please do not give an unsolicited opinion on my lifestyle. If you think I have my facts wrong, you may tell me what you believe and your source CALMLY. After which, I can either thank you and learn something new or inform you of the facts I know based on highly credible sources.Do not assume I am unaware or uneducated[Not directed at anyone except the walnut who did the thing five months ago. This is a pattern on this account when I begin posting publicly and advocating for health based on the things I have learned through years with dozens of mental health professionals.]