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Amber Keith (@amb_keith) Instagram Profile Photoamb_keith

Amber Keith

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my bangs story: I first heard about @bangsshoesa little over 3 years ago. I finally got my first pair about 2.5 years ago. and at the beginning of this year, I became an ambassador for the company. this experience has lead me to meet and be inspired by the amazing humans in this community over the past year. one of those humans was @lstefl3who came out to california for a weekend of adventure this spring pretty much on a whim. we ended up doing one of my favorite hikes that I've ever done and getting some solid footage for her bangs documentary, exchanging music and ideas, and eating as much food as we could in ~72 hours. I'm continually inspired by her hard work and creativity. yesterday was her birthday and I wanted to give her a shoutout for being an a+ human and the work she puts in doing something she loves. ️: @lstefl3#bangsblitz#livebangs

Nicky Lithgow ☀️ (@nickylithgow) Instagram Profile Photonickylithgow

Nicky Lithgow ☀️

Explore the beauties of nature, some of them won’t 1669388126656558104

Explore the beauties of nature, some of them won’t last forever. P.S. anyone else see a bear silhouette?••••#optoutside#getoutdoors#antelopecanyon#paintedcanyon#page#arizona#exploring#travel#nature#wander#hiking#adventureisoutthere

Angelis Girasol Alvirez🌻 (@angel_de_girasol) Instagram Profile Photoangel_de_girasol

Angelis Girasol Alvirez🌻

Had so much fun hiking today with my best friend! So happy we decided to go. Got to meet some very nice people on the trail, and brought back some great memories. #paintedcanyon#laddercanyon#hikingadventures