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Savannah Butler - @beingfitislegit_ Instagram Profile Photobeingfitislegit_

Savannah Butler

Savannah Butler - @beingfitislegit_ Instagram Photo

When your trainer spoils your challenge group with daily morning messages and goes missing for 24 hours...panic mode sets inIf you're in #downinguniversitywith @chrisdowningfitnessyou know what I mean!!! #lilsis#bigbro#sisterbear#ourtrainerisbetterthanyours#trainerschangelives#mentor#whereareyou#weloveourtrainer

ʂĄŊƉཞĄ Ɑղղ Ϲօեҽ💋 - @samgirl65 Instagram Profile Photosamgirl65

ʂĄŊƉཞĄ Ɑղղ Ϲօեҽ💋

ʂĄŊƉཞĄ Ɑղղ Ϲօեҽ💋 - @samgirl65 Instagram Photo

Yes we struggle, fight and bicker too. When these challenges happen we acknowledge and resolve them quickly....that’s what successful teams do, because vision and consistent production of success is more important. This team @jsfitfactorywe do teamwork, we help, we do respect and laughter. We do friendship. We do breakfast and peanut butter. We communicate and listen. We do motivation, we do great things! #ourcoachisbetterthanyours@jj.henry.39#ourtrainerisbetterthanyours@aschmohl

Season Posson Hill - @jdseason Instagram Profile Photojdseason

Season Posson Hill

Season Posson Hill - @jdseason Instagram Photo

Sunday funday!! Great job torque family!! #ourtrainerisbetterthanyours#weworkouttoeat #torquefamily

ʂĄŊƉཞĄ Ɑղղ Ϲօեҽ💋 - @samgirl65 Instagram Profile Photosamgirl65

ʂĄŊƉཞĄ Ɑղղ Ϲօեҽ💋

Bonner & Prendie Cheerleading - @bonnerprendiecheer Instagram Profile Photobonnerprendiecheer

Bonner & Prendie Cheerleading

Bonner & Prendie Cheerleading - @bonnerprendiecheer Instagram Photo

Our favorite trainer Latifah#ourtrainerisbetterthanyours

Little Guild - @littleguild Instagram Profile Photolittleguild

Little Guild

Little Guild - @littleguild Instagram Photo

**Foster/Adopt**Daisy means “ fresh, wholesome and energetic” ~ this beauty absolutely lives up to her name.Our Daisy is a little over a year old, and weighs in just under 70 pounds.Being young and a St. Bernard/Collie mix Daisy is looking for a very special foster or forever home.She will need a human who has breed experience and has established themselves as a strong pack leader.She does know many commands, but her youthful exuberance sometimes makes her forget her puppy P’s and Q’s.She is very active and would do well in a home where she can burn off that energy, plenty of play and regular exercise are important.Consistency, Routine and Leadership will be critical components of the right home environment.She loves her people without question and can be protective (not unusual for the breed), Daisy can also be selective about males.We know that she is going to FLOURISH in the right home, she’s gorgeous and smart as a whip!If you think you’re home might be a good fit please contact us, we are open to either a foster or a forever home.Please note that any potential fosters or adopters will be required to consult with our trainer prior to approval.Our trainer has most graciously offered some free basic training sessions to Daisy’s adopters as well. ️#dogsofinstagram#rescuedismyfavoritebreed#adoptdontshop#saintbernard#daisygirl#ourtrainerisbetterthanyours#littleguild

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