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yuraaaaa 🍒 (@yvriin) Instagram Profile Photoyvriin

yuraaaaa 🍒


i’m basically buttercup;;rough ass bitch, but lowkey an actual softie on the inside

ariel 🍒 #18♥️ (@arielthetamponseller) Instagram Profile Photoarielthetamponseller

ariel 🍒 #18♥️


{tag your crush or comment 4 times for a rate and tbh} arielaaron is my annoying twin that i hate 🤧 on december 10th is national be mean to ariel dayi love bryce, nicole, lessa, and my other friends 🤧 daniel is mean🤧 i like memes, doggos, boy bands, ect. and i change models almost everyday okay bye now dm me memes to be friends {tagged mains if i didn’t tag you whoops} #openrp#saharlunarp

zach;; n24 (@hellspelling) Instagram Profile Photohellspelling

zach;; n24

how the fuck are people going to tell me shit that 1667187289983437969

how the fuck are people going to tell me shit that i need to loose weight but when i start to make my foods healthy or work out, i get made fun off??

arden 🌈🍒🐝 (@sunsetkjsses) Instagram Profile Photosunsetkjsses

arden 🌈🍒🐝

I NEED FRIENDS UGH #openrp 1667187430820101286


astrophile 6231 (@deprivaticn) Instagram Profile Photodeprivaticn

astrophile 6231


appreciation bc im so happy ur back after being gone for a month #openrp

jackie 🍼♡ (@prettysnuggler) Instagram Profile Photoprettysnuggler

jackie 🍼♡


jackson s. ( jackie )| seventeen | 5'0" |little !! |boy kisser | nobody's boy | lap sitter | cuddler | major twink | british accent | feminine voice & aspects | whiner | daddy kink | can have a attitude at times | freckled angel | pouts a lot | lonely 24/7 | lives alone | skinny n short | loves cats, onesies, sippy cups, colouring books, make up, dressing up, pacifiers, stuffies, body pillows, disney movies, fuzzy blankets, cartoons, strawberry milk, tea, coffee, painting his nails, neck kisses n hickeys, bubble baths, spankings, to be spoiled | thick thighed | aspiring camboy/porn star | works at a waffle house | sticker collector | hates his family | wears glasses, sometimes contacts | attention hog | good with children | always gets his way | very kinky | enjoys affection and tummy rubs | doubts himself a lot | likes to be held and get piggy back rides | waist straddler | loves cheesecake and sweets | likes to be fed, tucked in, bathed, and read to | giggler | loud-mouth |

ok listen up. feminism is not supporting JUST fema 1667187376302889409

ok listen up. feminism is not supporting JUST females, it is the equality of both genders. just like black lives matters doesnt mean just black lives matters, it means black lives matter TOO bc some of you people fucking forget that. stop letting extremists of any movement sway your judgement and stay informed. do not be arrogant or ignorant thank you so much. #openrp