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Daily One Direction UpdatesFollow @0nedirection0fficialFor more updates!Got a OneDirection Selfie? DM US!Tag a friend who likes OneDirection more than you!

Teenage Dirtbag. Pt.43"Who are you talking to?"" 1668622756906020003

Teenage Dirtbag. Pt.43"Who are you talking to?""Huh?""Who was that on the phone""Oh just a friend""Who?""Paul he was annoying the shit out of me""Right""You smell good up for round two?""I'm actually hungry can your order take out?""Of course"#onedirectionimagines#onedirectionimagine#textingharrystyles#harrystyles#harrystylesimagines#harrystylesimagine#ztextingteenagedirtbag

Teenage Dirtbag. Pt.42"I told you not to call me1668607263776200523

Teenage Dirtbag. Pt.42"I told you not to call me I don't give a fuck I'm with my girl right now I don't care about that shit when I'm with my girl don't got it? I'll call you tomorrow or some shit"#onedirectionimagines#onedirectionimagine#textingharrystyles#harrystyles#harrystylesimagines#harrystylesimagine#ztextingteenagedirtbag

Teenage Dirtbag. Pt.41"How was the trip?""Baby i 1668598716548063139

Teenage Dirtbag. Pt.41"How was the trip?""Baby it was so fucking boring""You spent time with your dad""I would rather spend my time with you""Sweet but I like that you spend time with you dad""Yeah?""it's cute""Shut up""I'm serious babe this is what the sixth time you have gone these past months?""Yeah"#onedirectionimagines#onedirectionimagine#textingharrystyles#harrystyles#harrystylesimagines#harrystylesimagine#ztextingteenagedirtbag

Pt. 236"Okay...don't panic." I came into my bedro 1668587996939993500

Pt. 236"Okay...don't panic." I came into my bedroom to see Robby on the floor without a shirt on, desperately reaching under the bed and making weird clicking noises with his tongue. "What...the...?" I didn't even know how to express the confusion I felt at the sight before me but I laughed at how ridiculous it was. "He crawled under the bed and now he won't come back out!" Robby cried, clicking at the cat some more. "But where's your shirt?" I chuckled, getting down on the floor beside him to see the cat curled up comfortably in a ball at the back of the bed where no one could reach him. "He got a claw stuck in it and panicked and tried to jump out of my arms and kinda just took the whole shirt with him." Robby explained as he tossed what was left of his tee shirt at me. I laughed even harder when I held up the tattered shirt. "I might have a spare shirt of Harry's that'll fit you." I giggled, standing up and going to the dresser drawer Harry used when he was home. "I'm scared he's never gonna come back out." Robby tried crawling under the bed but didn't fit. "Leave him be, I'll get him out." I promised as I tossed a shirt down to him. "How?" "Watch this." I motioned for Robby to follow me to the kitchen where I opened the cabinet above the sink where I kept all of Han's old food. The second I popped the lid we heard a desperate meow followed by little paws on the hardwood floor. "Wow. Don't I feel like a dumbass?" Robby chuckled as the cat jumped up on the counter to eat from the little bowl I dumped the food in. "Have you never had a pet before?" I asked as I started to make food for Robby and I. "Does a goldfish count?" We laughed together, our laughs sounding similar as I went about making dinner while Robby to the side watching, offering to help every few minutes but getting denied. "You got me a rental cat, the least I can do is make you something to eat." I chuckled as the cat finished his food and jumped down from the counter, going to weave around Robby's ankles. "He's not a rental, quit calling him that! He's yours if you want him..."(Continued)