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LOUI BURKE (@louiburke) Instagram Profile Photolouiburke


So I’ve really been feeling the 70’s of late... so 1667996704162444589

So I’ve really been feeling the 70’s of late... so much so I’m keeping the stache past November

Basic Babe (@shopbasicbabe) Instagram Profile Photoshopbasicbabe

Basic Babe

The front knit soft long sleeve is the best basic! 1667995202985855513

The front knit soft long sleeve is the best basic!I love how it cinches your waist and how the fabric feels on, it’s $44 but size up cause it’s a little snug!#basicbabe#ootdinspo#cozystyle

Never lose the childlike wonder1667993720718673239

Never lose the childlike wonder

H A N N A N (@shophannan) Instagram Profile Photoshophannan


 // Vondelpark, Amsterdam // H A N N A NTRAVELS 1667992096575753321

// Vondelpark, Amsterdam // H A N N A NTRAVELS

\'hyü-mən\ (@brownwasabiblogs) Instagram Profile Photobrownwasabiblogs


No. 140Next Steps (2/6)I’m going to share some 1667990580032756666

No. 140 • Next Steps (2/6)I’m going to share something with you that very few people are aware of. I’m sharing it now because I’m signing off Instagram. (I write this with a smile.) Back in 2012, one of my fave professors nudged me to be honest about who I am, and my place in American society. She was aware of my background, and told me I shouldn’t hide who I was because she believed I had a solid and honest character. Over the years, I’ve thought about what she said, and eventually resolved to write an essay about wealth (and being a class chameleon) before 2050 rolled around the corner._________So here’s the deal: I come from a family of overachievers and that’s played with my psyche a lot, especially over the last four years. By way of my father, I make up the top five percent of America’s wealthy class, something most people would never assume about me, particularly because of my skin tone. And in my father’s country of origin, I’m part of the top one percent._________In 2017, there are only ten people from my past and current networks – so, 1998 until now – who are aware of my household status. I wasn’t fully cognizant of my father’s financial standing until people from his circles began assuming interesting things about me (i.e. I must not work because I’m spoiled, life must be super rosy for me because I must be spoiled, I must get everything I want because I’m spoiled, etc.). But sadly for these folks, my life did not match any of these assumptions (or the stereotypes often pegged onto people born into wealth), because unlike most of my wealthy peers, I was actually trained to pass for the middle class.___Between Two Worlds, 2006/2012._______________________________________________________#theology#colorism#diversity#indiefilm#inclusion#shortfilm#spilledink#nycblogger#writersofig#womeninfilm#humaneffect#portraitpage#ptsdrecovery#jamesbaldwin#shareyourstory#womeninmedia#womendirectors#humansofnewyork#diversityinfilm#spilledthoughts#diversitymatters#microaggressions#writingcommunity#writerscommunity#browngirlbloggers#browngirlswhowrite#writersofinstagram#representationmatters#womensupportingwomen

I am a breathing time machine 1665036345976213161

I am a breathing time machine

Oh, Yeremeyeva (@zdravstvuimama) Instagram Profile Photozdravstvuimama

Oh, Yeremeyeva

Withbeautiful @irinaabush at @maisonkayserusa ️ 1667984479282587759
Maison KayserReportShareDownload228

Withbeautiful @irinaabushat @maisonkayserusa