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Arruma a mala aê - @arrumaamalaae Instagram Profile Photoarrumaamalaae

Arruma a mala aê

Arruma a mala aê - @arrumaamalaae Instagram Photo

Olha só onde viemos parar!!Chegamos ontem em El Calafate e já corremos para conhecer as passarelas de Perito Moreno. Difícil descrever a emoção ao se deparar com essa maravilha da natureza.

@marco_fisichella Instagram Photo

Today in #katmandu(notice the swollen lymphnode on his neck). #ngexpeditions@natgeotravel@natgeoyourshot

@marco_fisichella Instagram Photo

Thank you to the one and only @fritzphotosa @natgeo#photographerfor the trip of a lifetime with @natgeotravel#photography#expeditionto #tibetand #nepal#ngexpeditions . Thank you for going above and beyond my expectations. I will remember you forever. See you sometimes in #brookline

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