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Anytime Fitness, New Ulm (@anytimefitnessnu) Instagram Profile Photoanytimefitnessnu

Anytime Fitness, New Ulm

Anytime Fitness, New Ulm (@anytimefitnessnu) Instagram Photo

We’re doing overhead squats with our Food Drive Donations to #burntheturkeyWhat are you doing?! #anytimefitness#newulm#feedingamerica

The Vine (@thevinenewulm) Instagram Photo
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We are a sucker for a good monogram! Such a great way to personalize your reception space! #mononogram#design#custom#finallyanderson

Cathy Cole (@cathyhtcp) Instagram Profile Photocathyhtcp

Cathy Cole

Lucia Marcella (@a_little_white_bird) Instagram Profile Photoa_little_white_bird

Lucia Marcella

Lucia Marcella (@a_little_white_bird) Instagram Photo

There may just be quite a bit of llama spam for the next few days... Just rememberingeverything about Sunday makes me smile! ~ the beautiful cool weather; the clear blue sky; the sweet, wooly, little sheep who followed us everywhere and butted our legs for attention; and sweet, shy, proud Cora, who let me pet her velvety earsEverything just filled me up with enough joy to last for days and days!

New Ulm Hy-Vee (@newulmhyvee) Instagram Profile Photonewulmhyvee

New Ulm Hy-Vee

New Ulm Hy-Vee (@newulmhyvee) Instagram Photo

Let us do the prep work for you! Chef Todd has seasoned and prepared fresh turkeys, ready to put in the oven for your Thanksgiving meal! They can be found at the end of Aisle 2 near the meat department. *****#hyvee#newulm#newulmhyvee#thanksgiving#turkey#chefcreation#mealsolutions#takeandbake

Gallery 512 Boutique (@gallery512boutique) Instagram Profile Photogallery512boutique

Gallery 512 Boutique

Gallery 512 Boutique (@gallery512boutique) Instagram Photo

Cardigan #obsessed// available in New Ulm & Mankato locations

The Vine (@thevinenewulm) Instagram Photo
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Beautiful floral by @griverasfloraldesignsadorning our chic lanterns! So many amenities are yours to utilize when you book your wedding with us at The Vine! #eventdesign#floral#centerpieces

Lucia Marcella (@a_little_white_bird) Instagram Profile Photoa_little_white_bird

Lucia Marcella

Lucia Marcella (@a_little_white_bird) Instagram Photo

My mamma just sent me this funny picture from yestersay! We had such a fun time with all the animals, but I especially loved working with sweet Cora. The two guard llamas, Kuzco and Cora, came from a rescue, and had never had much human contact before moving in with our friend. They will only come close if you bribe them with molasses-grain treats.... so we got their leads attached while they were eating and took them both for a walk ~ and the seven sheep came along too, just becauseMy sister and I worked with the llamas for about 20 minutes, very quietly and slowly. They were still skitish, but by the end they would let us pet them and hug them, and Cora even let me pet her ears and chin (they really don't like people touching anywhere close to their faces)! Just for a moment, I felt a bit like a horse whisper (I may have watched too much Heartland...), and it was so, so wonderful. I can't wait until I see them again

Onsite Clean Car (@onsitecleancar) Instagram Profile Photoonsitecleancar

Onsite Clean Car

Alex taking credit for a team member’s work. 🤣

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