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Lenny Wijaya [Proud Mom of 3J] - @huanglieling Instagram Profile Photohuanglieling

Lenny Wijaya [Proud Mom of 3J]

Lenny Wijaya [Proud Mom of 3J] - @huanglieling Instagram Photo

You knit me together in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)My father creates custom quivers designed for archers to carry their arrows. He carves elaborate wildlife pictures into pieces of genuine leather, before stitching the material together.During a visit, I watched him construct one of his works of art. His careful hands applied just the right pressure as he pressed a sharp blade into the supple leather, creating various textures. Then he dipped a rag into crimson dye and covered the leather with even strokes, magnifying the beauty of his creation.As I admired my dad’s confident craftsmanship, I realized how often I fail to acknowledge and appreciate my heavenly Father’s creativity manifested in others and even in myself. Reflecting on the Lord’s magnificent workmanship, I recalled King David’s affirmation that God creates our “inmost being” and that we’re “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:13–14). We can praise our Creator in confidence because we know His “works are wonderful” (v. 14). And we can be encouraged to respect ourselves and others more, especially when we remember that the Maker of the Universe knew us inside and out and planned our days “before one of them came to be” (vv. 15–16). Like the pliable leather carved by my father’s skilled hands, we are each beautiful and valuable simply because we are God’s one-of-a-kind creations. Each one of us, intentionally designed to be unique and purposed as God’s beloved masterpieces, contributes to reflect God’s magnificence. "Lord, thank You for creating us in Your perfect love. Please help us to see ourselves, and others, as Your unique masterpieces." God masterfully creates each person with uniqueness and purpose.#newbeginning#newseason#iamsoblessed#thankyoujesusfortheblessedinme#thankful#iamoriginalmasterpiecemadebygod

Marisela Velasco - @hairbymarisela Instagram Profile Photohairbymarisela

Marisela Velasco

MILO Carteras & Accesorios - @milocarterasaccesorios Instagram Profile Photomilocarterasaccesorios

MILO Carteras & Accesorios

World Rugby Shop - @worldrugbyshop Instagram Profile Photoworldrugbyshop

World Rugby Shop

Christopher Brunner - @cpbrunner Instagram Profile Photocpbrunner

Christopher Brunner

Christopher Brunner - @cpbrunner Instagram Photo

Totally exhausted from a long but fun day at the rink! Not a bad haul - silver for #edcaand gold for #edcm... and, best of all, the mesh shirt made a comeback performance! #adultfigureskating#blackmagic#evita#bostonsynchro17#newseason

LOOK VOGUE👑 - @look_vogue Instagram Profile Photolook_vogue


LOOK VOGUE👑 - @look_vogue Instagram Photo

NEW#lookvogue#newseason#ss18TOP SOFIA. SUCURSALES.⬇•Chacabuco 274 RAMOS MEJIA (zona oeste)•Av.Rivadavia 6817 Loc21FLORES (cap. Fed.)ENVIOS (a todo el pais) >1531080231

Lapland Guesthouse - @lapland_guesthouse Instagram Profile Photolapland_guesthouse

Lapland Guesthouse

Lapland Guesthouse - @lapland_guesthouse Instagram Photo

We take pride in what we serve at @lapland_guesthouse.As much local food as possible that has as little impact as possible on our nature. We are lucky to have the fridge right outside the door, clean and pure. Welcome to our corner of the world

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