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Karen Tran - @hanmeo Instagram Profile Photohanmeo

Karen Tran

Go media

What a productive day!!! Warm up my kitchen with Vietnamese Broken rice dish, espresso cheese cake, spicy tomato crab soup. Yummy . #nashville#vietnamesefood#wifey#foodporn#sundayfunday

Meal Prep Mary - @meal_prep_mary Instagram Profile Photomeal_prep_mary

Meal Prep Mary

Meal Prep Mary - @meal_prep_mary Instagram Photo

Summer Salad still available even though it’s getting chilly! More menu items coming soon 🤗

NaturallyTrueBeauty - @naturallytruebeauty Instagram Profile Photonaturallytruebeauty


NaturallyTrueBeauty - @naturallytruebeauty Instagram Photo

New moon in Scorpioit’s all about death, rebirth, transformation-time to really dig deep into our own minds & bodies and truly heal. Through challenges, vulnerability, and really digging deep into some sticky subjects means acknowledging what no longer does us any good, and letting it go. Through this=growth, healing, and gaining a broader vision of our lives. To me, this means really looking deep into our emotions, our thoughts, our souls. It won’t be easy, we will be challenged. But, doing so will show our goals, passions, our treasures, and we will rise above. My goal for this new moon is to meditate and really give time for myself/listen to myself & focus on my goals and passions. Challenges may come my way but listening to my true self will show me where my path will lead & it will shine light on my true purpose. Focusing on my best self will lead to so many positive things to come#nashville#naturalbeauty#newmoon#goals#naturallytruebeauty#meditate

Ally // Carrie Underwood❤️ - @caarrieunderwood Instagram Profile Photocaarrieunderwood

Ally // Carrie Underwood❤️

Ally // Carrie Underwood❤️ - @caarrieunderwood Instagram Photo

ik my covers are normally black screened videos but i mean why not?🤷‍️anddd @carrieoholichas been wanting me to post another cover•ALSO i know ive definitely already done this song before but im obsessed with it and demi lovato•“skyscraper” by @ddlovato

Denise Fussell - @fussellgraphics Instagram Profile Photofussellgraphics

Denise Fussell

Denise Fussell - @fussellgraphics Instagram Photo

That time of day when the sky turns gold. #nashville

Breyana Rogers - @styledbybreyana Instagram Profile Photostyledbybreyana

Breyana Rogers

Breyana Rogers - @styledbybreyana Instagram Photo

Even on a bad hair day you have to be willing to serve them with your outfit and your walk . PS I am absolutely in LOVE with my new shirt. It's perfect for church, my job, parties, dinners and for when I'm out . Can't wait to play with this look some more. I had to keep it basic today . Enough about me.. let's set up a styling session for YOU! Visit my website at

tamarastewartmusic - @tamarastewartmusic Instagram Profile Phototamarastewartmusic


tamarastewartmusic - @tamarastewartmusic Instagram Photo

An amazing night with Shawn Colvin @citywinerynsh. She played her entire Few Small Repairs album start to finish with a full band. Truly awesome. Emmylou and Buddy Miller made guest appearances in the encore. I love this town. ...#music#songwriting#livegig#livemusic#love#passion#shawncolvin#happyplace#inspired#inspiring#citywinery#nashville

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