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What's up worldddd?? Hope you're all happy n cloud 9 this morning! I know I am! Just causally on my way to work with a producer that worked with my all time inspiration @siamusic& @chrisbrownofficialon his newest track! No biggy....just causally losing my mind a little bit!what is life When you least expect it, God proves why he's the greatest! ️

2 Minute Guitar (@2minuteguitar) Instagram Profile Photo2minuteguitar

2 Minute Guitar

2 Minute Guitar (@2minuteguitar) Instagram Photo

Learn basic jazz blues from the late, great Larry Coryell!

Stephen Taylor (@stephensdrumshed) Instagram Profile Photostephensdrumshed

Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor (@stephensdrumshed) Instagram Photo

If you missed it a few weeks ago, I put up a new video on the Tube channel all about overhead mics and recording drums. I went to see my good friend @robertvenable(drummer for Billboard number 1 charting @asweascend , creator of the @turneduppodcastpodcast, all around Grammy nominated/beast/unstoppable force of an engineer and producer) and he gives you his best tips for using overheads and room mics. Hop over to the YouTube channel to see the full video.This is a clip of a finished song we recorded to give you an idea of the polished product. First just drums without the music, then we add the track back in to give the full effect.

Pick The Riff (@picktheriff) Instagram Profile Photopicktheriff

Pick The Riff

Pick The Riff (@picktheriff) Instagram Photo

E Major Riff

xNSDx (@pharaohnsd) Instagram Photo

As a writer and a musician I've always had a thing for notebooks and journals. Especially the ones that I see and automatically just wow me or catch my eye right away. I've run through so many journals, jotting notes, lyrics, making lists, planning out vacations, roadtrips, dreams, ideas, etc. The list goes on and on. I can't wait to run through this @vans(@vansretail ) #ultrarangenotebook, ESPECIALLY since this notebook is made for adventures! #rootedinretail| #vans| #66| #authentic| #adventuretime| #writer| #musician| #employeeofthemonth| #backtothebeginning| #nsd| #xxiv|

Valon (@imreallyvalon) Instagram Photo

Ssshh! Dreams vs Reality on the way ⏱

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