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Gabrielle Marquez - @givemegabrielle Instagram Profile Photogivemegabrielle

Gabrielle Marquez

Gabrielle Marquez - @givemegabrielle Instagram Photo

Ok ladies! You asked, I’m answering! Here’s to my first skincare post! I’ve been trying to think of ways I can post my my skincare routines and I felt the best way would be to first show you what I’m using! I debated posting, because my page is strictly hair. However, I’m in the beauty industry! And skin is such a strong piece of health and beauty! This past year I have learned SO much about at home skincare routines. I was that girl that never took her makeup off before bed (ew, I know 🤦‍️🤷‍️) and I noticed that my skin was changing- not in a good way! I didn’t have that pretty glow like I did when I was like 7I talked to a few professionals and started a skincare routine that fit my schedule! Here are my top three favs I do nightly before bed and I swear my skin has never been happier! Adios to those bags under my eyesFinally my skin can breathe and I’m no longer ruining my white pillowcases with smeared lipstick and mascara! What are your favorite products you like to use at night?!

Aleksandra Wic - @aleksandrawic Instagram Profile Photoaleksandrawic

Aleksandra Wic

Aleksandra Wic - @aleksandrawic Instagram Photo

Dobry krem to podstawa! Mi z pomocą w codziennej pielęgnacji przychodzi @o2skin_2017. Najlepsze produkty jakie miałam do tej pory! Wspaniale nawilżają i dbają o moją cerę a serum jest idealne pod codzienny makijaż#cosmetics#cosmeticsforwomen#o2skin#best#products#bestcosmetics#polishgirl#girl#makeup#instamakeup#loveit#morningroutine#cactus#allwhite#mychoice#warsaw

Alcohol Strikethrough 30 days - @strikethroughalcohol Instagram Profile Photostrikethroughalcohol

Alcohol Strikethrough 30 days

Alcohol Strikethrough 30 days - @strikethroughalcohol Instagram Photo

Day #5Weekend is over. Spent the whole Sunday reading blogs, having coffee, tea and water - listening to music in theta ways.I can’t wait for the week to start, feeling pure and refreshed. I will start tomorrow with a new morning routine:500 ml water, 15 Minutes Sports (Stretch, Short Run, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, depends on my mood), 7 Minutes Meditation (7Mind App), 5 Minute Journal.I’m following already a small routine for some weeks (including meditation). Sports was already part of the game, but I was to busy with hangovers in the morning to keep it up. Let’s see how much I can manage and hopefully build a new life.#lifeisstrange#lifeisbeautiful#lifeishard#routine#sober#sobrietysorority#sobriety#sobergirl#soberthoughts#worklifebalance#balance#morning#morningroutine#vegan#lifestyle#coach#lifestylecoach

Maddie Cowan - @mad_cowan Instagram Profile Photomad_cowan

Maddie Cowan

Maddie Cowan - @mad_cowan Instagram Photo

COMMUNITY.I was always desperate for it -- people to turn to, laugh with, push me, cry with. I crave DEEP relationships, friendships, community.But for so long I was longing for this fellowship WITHOUT going outside my comfort zone. And to no surprise, doors were only closing...constantly. Nothing grows in your comfort zoneBut two leaps in the past year have led to having the greatest sense of community in YEARS, and not that skim the service kind of community...the real deal. Physical AND spiritual health and growth at their core.So shoutout to @fsmfranklin , @bobbyboswellbrown , @lakin_stearns , and the rest of the fsm leaders for building such a strong community where students AND leaders are led and encouraged to live out their faith fearlessly. For constantly pushing me outside my comfort zone -- even when it means silly string to my face or lip singing to moana in front of a room full of studentsTake a chance. Face your fear. A leap outside your comfort zone...and watch the domino effect of growth and the light that grows brighter

My Diary - @0my_diary Instagram Profile Photo0my_diary

My Diary

My Diary - @0my_diary Instagram Photo

Yarın sabah yapmam gerekenleri yazdım çünkü hep unutuyorum mdmsmsö. ............#morningroutine#morning#routine#sabahrutini#sabah#rutin#kitap#defter#not#yazı#ders#monday#pazartesi

Kelsie Thomas - @kelsmthomas Instagram Profile Photokelsmthomas

Kelsie Thomas

Kelsie Thomas - @kelsmthomas Instagram Photo

Happy Sunday FundayI have posted my morning routine a few times on my story butttttt.....I wanted to ask you guys do you guys have have a morning routine if you don’t do it by the time you leave your house you just feel off or like your forgot something? In the morning I have my daily ACV shot straightwith water with lemonAfter that I have my morning supps and full up my yeti or @jaxxfitnesswater bottle 8 times a day.It is so important to get your waterin daily to not only hydrate you but it can help you with weight loss#girlswholift#upperbodyday#babyabs#comingin#gymsharkwomen#gym#gymshark#jaxxfitness#water#fitspo#fitness#morningmotivation#morningroutine

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