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moira o’deorain - @moirafromow Instagram Accountmoirafromow

moira o’deorain

moira o’deorain - @moirafromow Instagram Photo

i hate one-tricks.#overwatch#mercy#mine

♡ I S A B E L L E ♡ - @its___isabelle Instagram Accountits___isabelle

♡ I S A B E L L E ♡

♡ I S A B E L L E ♡ - @its___isabelle Instagram Photo

I don't care 🤷‍️ ️

Angelica Meza - @ngeemeza Instagram Accountngeemeza

Angelica Meza

Angelica Meza - @ngeemeza Instagram Photo

My KingFound this old picture of my babeI miss you so muchMove your face Angel!! #mine#myking#imissyou

Jordyn - @jriderphotos_ Instagram Photo

When youre broken, there is no going back to your old self. You have to pick up the pieces alone & stitch them back together w gold.The hardest thing for A N Y O N E to grasp regarding depression is that you say and do things that you wouldn't have ever normally done. Its not an excuse, but it is an ailment and a side effect most certainly. It sucks and it kind of "ruin" reltionships. Im not trying to view it as that, anyone who couldn't be there during the lowest point's in your life, DO NOT deserve to be there for the happiest moments.Im glad i have who i have, and have had. My crew of a few friends and my parent's never once gave up on me. Ill never be able to return that favor but i will forever be trying.Im lucky to have them as i try to develop who i am as i get through my depression. I dont remember who i was before addiction and depression hit, so its really hard to try to create someone who i dont know. So im not finding who i was because whoever that was made choices i am no longer going to make.Im creating a whole new me through this enlightening experience, the REAL me. I will still have dark times but i appreciate each and every one of you who have never given up on me.Thank you.I will not be letting you or myself down.

Ruby ✨ - @rubycooke Instagram Accountrubycooke

Ruby ✨

Ruby ✨ - @rubycooke Instagram Photo

My idea of perfect happiness ️ Literally can’t cope sometimes with the fact I get to marry this beautiful man#mine#us3always#nysaturdaynight#heisamazing

Naomi Anne Brown - @naomiannebrown Instagram Accountnaomiannebrown

Naomi Anne Brown

Naomi Anne Brown - @naomiannebrown Instagram Photo
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