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OH HAPPY GIFT ( Instagram Profile


Great things are done by a series of small things1671608289546526427

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together - Vincent Van Gogh. (or a series of good food, and great company) 🤩 Today we finally moved out from our old place. It’s been a great year, filled with loveeee and tremendous support from all of YOU on board the gifting fam!Thank you so much and we shall keep on goingggg!


Our little man is 6 MONTHS!You love your exersaucer and enjoy playing independently on your tummy. You're itching to crawl and mastered rolling onto your tummy and back. You're eating solids like a champ and sweet potatoes are your fave. You continue to be such a sweet, loving and happy boy. We LOVE you so much bubba!#6monthsold#adventuresofaidencarson#babyboy#squish#mylove#babyace#aceboogie#june16#milestone#milestoneblanket#lulujobaby#lulujo#monochrome#monocromebaby#petitlem

Dumitru Eremei (@dumi_gaming) Instagram Profile Photodumi_gaming

Dumitru Eremei

Adrian Lim (@dogears28) Instagram Profile Photodogears28

Adrian Lim

stennie (@stennie) Instagram Profile Photostennie


Wir öffnen Türchen 17 und feiern heute bereits mit 1671598408730920727

Wir öffnen Türchen 17 und feiern heute bereits mit meiner Familie Weihnachten bei uns zu Hausezur Feier des Tages bekommt ihr die Babymeilensteine für nur 15€, nur heute bis 24 Uhr gültig und das ganze wird auch noch bis zum Weihnachtsfest geliefert*. Das perfekte Last-Minute-Geschenk für alle Mamis und Mamis to be! *versand vor Weihnachten nur bei Zahlung bis Sonntag Abend bzw Montag morgen bei Überweisung. #stenniedesign#meilensteine#babymeilensteine#milestonecards#milestone

Chromar (Christian / Omar) (@chromar_) Instagram Profile Photochromar_

Chromar (Christian / Omar)

Thanks for 1,000 subs!! If you’d like to check out 1671595020976013936

Thanks for 1,000 subs!! If you’d like to check out our new video for an update on our channel for 2018, link is in our bio

Audrey's BLW diaries (@indria.pompana) Instagram Profile Photoindria.pompana

Audrey's BLW diaries

16.12.17Seventeen month old ~ Praise God ..It 1671592682139706190

16.12.17Seventeen month old ~ Praise God ..Its a BIG deal.Each milestone is a BIG step. - unknown -..17 bulan bersama. eBisa menyaksikan sendiri milestone baby A hari demi hari bulan berganti bulan, itu udah anugerah Tuhan...17 bulan bersama.Ga pernah terpisah kan. (yapastinyaa...gentongnya dimamii , walo kadang terbesit pengen nongki cantik breng tmn2 tanpa koala mode on)..17 bulan bersama. Ternyata bisa merubah hidup mamii bagaikan bumi dan langit.It is called #motherhood..17 bulan bertepatan dengan #christmasseason, kado dari mamiipapii buat baby A adalah cinta kasih yang tulussehat selalu ya nak. .( kado sepeda roda tiga udh dikode keras sama omaopa dri jauh2 harilol. tag opa @marthenpompana )

Baghel Deepika (@diggi_baghel09) Instagram Profile Photodiggi_baghel09

Baghel Deepika


In #pursuitof achieving #milestone ...