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Rory Lula McMahan

Daily Draw. LITTLE: Full circle. BIG: You see what 1655519427478657570

Daily Draw. LITTLE: Full circle. BIG: You see what is wrong with your big picture today - and oh there is so much wrong. You felt secure in your collective, but now you are not even sure there is one. You felt dedicated to a larger vision, but now you feel as if you have gone blind - or that the blinders are off. You thought you knew where you stood, who you were, and what made up your compass, but you somehow awoke to spinning ground beneath your feet and a spinning head to match. It is so hard to hold on to faith in moments like these, and it is so hard to trust the future when you feel like there may be no future at all, or at best a complicated and dismal one. But today, you must remember that the reason the wheel turns is not to crush you. Its powerful gift is to both till the soil with the rich fertility of your mistakes, and then to lift you up again from those dark moments back towards the truly beautiful sky above your head. Stagnancy is dangerous - change is not. And though you may have awoken to an unfamiliar map, a lost cause, or a deep sadness, know that this is the very beginning of the rising turn, not a descent into the end.

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Vincent Adam Paul

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