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Jhay San Martin (@jhayfit) Instagram Profile Photojhayfit

Jhay San Martin

Jhay San Martin (@jhayfit) Instagram Photo

A lot of people have been asking me about my contest prep and how they want to compete but don’t know how to go about it. I was in the same spot when I decided to do a show I just said fuck it and learned everything as I went .. getting tips from people as I went and as far as diet I did a IIFYM approach. I didn’t do 6-8 meals I was doing 3-4 meals just by tracking macros and paying attention to how my body reacted to the carbs ( carbs are key to fat loss since my fat intake pretty much stayed on the 50-60g for most of the prep and protein went up as my carbs came lower ) . Everyone is different but you can approach it the same way and just Tailor it to your needs ... I’m not saying I’m a expert but I’m always up for helping anyone in any way I can do if you want some free tips and advice just DM me or send me a email and I will do my best to help you out !also check out my YouTube videos !.Youtube/Jhayfit.Add my Snapchat @ Jhayfit....#fit#fitness#foodie#shredded#gym#cardio#diet#nutrition#iifym#mealprep#mealplan#gains#bodybuilding#motivationmonday#mensphysique#prep#classicphysique#alphalete#grub#instafit#youtuber#chicago#xsport#aesthetic#photography#videography

Dima (@dimadoes) Instagram Photo

Out here daily running loose

444 Active (@444active) Instagram Profile Photo444active

444 Active

444 Active (@444active) Instagram Photo

Monday kicks!! About to put in work on Internal chest day!!

Jay H (@jbub8605) Instagram Photo

My go to supplements@rspnutritiontry the Dyno and bcaa's next time for your workout Use code RSPJaybub for 30%off

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