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STRANGERS. Pt. 223. “The fuck ?” I let out and ran 1667583386203756771

STRANGERS. Pt. 223. “The fuck ?” I let out and ran to where Zoe lay. She was lying on the stairs in such a manner which made my breathing even faster. I couldn’t believe my eyes.. my best friend had gone through something really bad and I wasn’t there to help her. I didn’t know how long it had been since she was lying like this. I had no idea, because I was busy talking to my boyfriend when I should’ve been with my best friend. I bent down and put her head in my lap. I jerked her head to wake her up but she didn’t respond. Nothing. I moved her. Nothing. I took my phone out and quickly dialler 911. Whatever happened next was a blur. I had no idea when the paramedics showed up and how they removed Zoe from my lap to put her in the ambulance. All I remember is them asking me if I was hurt but of course I wasn’t hurt, because I wasn’t here. I wasn’t present. I let them take Zoe to the hospital and told them I would be behind them. As soon as they were gone, I picked Zoe’s purse from the ground. There was a post chit attached to her purse which I peeled off and read aloud. .......#strangers#selenagomez#mitam#madeintheam#fanfiction#fanfic#harrystyles#harry#love#rn#fiction#ed#dylan#dylanobrien#chuckbass#life#story#onedirection#1d#zayn#louistomlinson#zaynmalik#niallhoran#liampayne#hate#lovehate#relationship#onedirectionfandom#textposts#textingseries

They Call Us LARRY STYLINSON🇹🇷 (@larry_stylinsonnn_) Instagram Profile Photolarry_stylinsonnn_



H: O tatlı değil mi?L'in arkadaşları: O sana bakıyor!L: Kesin sesinizi!H: Ara beni?L'in arkadaşları: Git ve ona numaranı ver!L: Vereceğim, vereceğim!••Böyle bir fic olsa okurum valla sjdnsjsj

You know what I really think writing/singing/recor 1667577384675464620

You know what I really think writing/singing/recording your own songs or albums is amazig. I really think touring is wild and the best thing ever. I really think having your fans sing along or meeting your fans is amazing. I really want to do that in the future, but I can't really sing so hmm

“Did you know that babies could taste the food te1667574141908531780

“Did you know that babies could taste the food te moms consume from the womb” Harry said breaking the silence as we walked through the long hallway.I looked at him. His face was dead serious.“Are you serious?” “Yeah”I let out a laugh.His face was still serious. “Alex is a handful, isn’t he?”I let out a sigh. “Yeah” “And you’re happy with him?” He asked. I took time to think about it. “Wait once again don’t answer that” he laughed.”I sometimes ask really personal questions and I know you have your privacy and stuff and I respect that” “Harry. It’s okay don’t worry about it.” I patted my hand on his shoulder.Once we came to sight with Niall’s room doctors rushed in and out of his room. “Fuck” he ran to the room. I followed him. “Sir you need to stay back!” A nurse yelled at us “We’re with him” We said at the same time. “Please stay back. We will inform you when he could come in” “What happened!” I said “Doc” the nurse called him “they want to know”The doctor walked where me and Harry were standing. “Let’s walk” the doctor said. “My names Dr. Johnson nice to meet you two”I grabbed Harry’s arm. “Niall had a difficulty standing up” the doctor said. Harry sat down on the chair. “He will be fine. Well do an CT scan and X-Ray”I looked at Harry. He had his face resting in his hands. I sat next to him and wrapped my arm around him. . “What caused it?” He asked. “We believe that the beating was way to bad and it probably affected his back”I looked at Harry. He was looking down. “You mentioned someone beat him up right?” The doctor asked. “Yeah” Harry said. “I’m going to be honest. You should press charges”Harry looked at me. I was already lookin at him. I got scared. “Now excuse me I have to go check up” the doctor said. We both thanked himI sat next to Harry. “You should go.” Harry said. He avoided looking at me.I felt so guilty like if I was the one beating up Niall. “Um sure” I said. “I’ll see you”I walked back to the empty room grabbing my bag. -

harry styles (@thebestharryvideos) Instagram Profile Photothebestharryvideos

harry styles

comment your snapchat below if you wanna get a ste 1667572615558887963

comment your snapchat below if you wanna get a steak :)))),,,,, or add me, my snapchat is kp2001 xx

~ G supports solo boys ~ (@harrysmicstand) Instagram Profile Photoharrysmicstand

~ G supports solo boys ~

to those of you asking -- yes i'm safe and so are1667554111270665340

to those of you asking -- yes i'm safe and so are my family and friends. the explosion was a few blocks away from my apartment but i don't have any plans on leaving today. thank you for thinking of me! xx Gab

Harry and Justin Forever (@harry_ft_justin) Instagram Profile Photoharry_ft_justin

Harry and Justin Forever

I Miss Zouis1667549475818966126

I Miss Zouis