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Vaillancourt Folk Art - @chalkware Instagram Accountchalkware

Vaillancourt Folk Art

Vaillancourt Folk Art - @chalkware Instagram Photo

We just received a handful of personally selected Ino Schaller Bayern imported directly from Germany. They have been handcrafting papermaché collectibles by the Ino Schaller family in Bavaria for over 100 years.A Quintessential New England Christmas starts in Sutton, Massachusetts.

Sarah Maust - @ot_running Instagram Accountot_running

Sarah Maust

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Wearing @taprootthreadsto do some yoga this morning. I love their screen printing. Photo description: 1) my leg extended with toe pointed on the yoga mat wearing leggings with screen parented flowers up the lower leg. My cat's tail is in the photo too 2) a burgundy tank top with white screen printing that says steeped with a tea pot next to it. #bylocal#supportartists#madeinmass#yoga#goodmorning#happyfriday#soft#cotton

Original Art Set In Stone - @oasis_custom_concrete_designs Instagram Accountoasis_custom_concrete_designs

Original Art Set In Stone

Original Art Set In Stone - @oasis_custom_concrete_designs Instagram Photo
Alyssa | Artist | Designer - @drawntoecology Instagram Accountdrawntoecology

Alyssa | Artist | Designer

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When packaging products to ship to customers I try to include little details to help explain how Drawn to Ecology creates eco friendly products and packaging. ..Each package comes with a card and some stickers to help identify the ways we are eco friendly. We are currently in the beginning stages but soon will be rolling out a new line of designed packaging and I am very excited. :@heykatieday#ecofriendlyproducts

Witch DR. - @witchdrx Instagram Accountwitchdrx

Witch DR.

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DR @gloroglasswriting up the flower scripts here in Salem. • Made in house• Inside out • Mixed Black & Blue Spruce Frit • Accents of Siberia • Available in shop & online : @hollyhoodbambam#handmade#glasspipes#smokeweed#medicated#relax#madeinhouse#glass#pipe#frit#pipe#spoon#madeinsalem#madeinmass#gloroglass#drdr#website#sale#flower#cannabis#community#bluespruce#black#siberia

Phil Todisco Glass - @therealtrashfire Instagram Accounttherealtrashfire

Phil Todisco Glass

Phil Todisco Glass - @therealtrashfire Instagram Photo

Trashcycler™ drop!!! Hit up @westsideglassgallery , they should be arriving early next week! All colors are from @sparklepantsranchmatching caps incredibly grateful for the support from everybody!#trashcycler#philtodiscoglass#therealtrashfire#sparklepantsranch

Kelli| Business Strategist - @kellicoviello Instagram Accountkellicoviello

Kelli| Business Strategist

Kelli| Business Strategist - @kellicoviello Instagram Photo

It's that time of year and I'm fighting some sickie ickies. Resting up, eating garlic, drinking fluids and just took a shot of @firecider_. What are your favorite remedies when you are feeling under the weather?

Upcycled Sail Bags and More - @breakwaterblue Instagram Accountbreakwaterblue

Upcycled Sail Bags and More

Upcycled Sail Bags and More - @breakwaterblue Instagram Photo

Don't forget - custom orders for the holidays  are due this Saturday 11/18!! Add a club logo, a name, zip code, initials - you be the designer! We will make your vision come to life. Send us a DM, email us or visit our website - link in bio.

Phil Todisco Glass - @therealtrashfire Instagram Accounttherealtrashfire

Phil Todisco Glass

Phil Todisco Glass - @therealtrashfire Instagram Photo

Trashcycler™ # 46I’m going to be taking a few orders for these soon so if you’re interested shoot me a message!#philtodiscoglass#therealtrashfire#waterspinner#sparklepantsranch

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