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Holistic Body Love Coaching - @holisticbodylove Instagram Profile Photoholisticbodylove

Holistic Body Love Coaching

Holistic Body Love Coaching - @holisticbodylove Instagram Photo

Starting “all over again” is not an easy feat but if you are following your passion WITH A STRATEGIC PLAN and highly recommend a coach/ mentor(s) for support - the Universe will provide you what you want and ask for ️ I’ve been really working through my own fears and embracing my own Inner Wonderwoman as I take on year 2 in my life coaching biz!️ #yeg#mindsetcoach#eatingpsychology#nutrition#positive#momlife#weightloss#businesscoachingforwomen#yyc#spiritjunkie#bodyimage#bodyconfidence#selfcare#selflove#loveyourbody#yoga#youngliving#essentialoils#selfworth#confident#intuition#mom#selflovecoach#entrepreneur#hotmamafitness#reiki#soulprenuer#wellprenuer#momprenuer#loveanybody

Renee • Food, Fitness & Books - @naysfitnow Instagram Profile Photonaysfitnow

Renee • Food, Fitness & Books

Renee • Food, Fitness & Books - @naysfitnow Instagram Photo

There’s gonna be some sore legs tomorrow in our house!!•Today was leg day in the workout program I’m doing, and man oh man, it was tough!! I used 15 or 20 lbs weights and sculpted every bit of these long long legs I’ve got!! Took 30 minutes and was able to stay inside the whole time!•Bryan met up with some friends and went for an 8 mile run, in right around freezing temperatures ️ To each their own!!I’ll stick with my way!!•There’s not just one solution for your health. Some people love to run in the freezing cold, or crazy hot. I prefer to stay indoors and be super efficient with my time, and do a video. We aren’t all one size fits all, why should our workouts be??

Renee Grosso - @renee_grosso_onfire Instagram Photo
818 SKINCARE STUDIO - @818skincarestudio Instagram Profile Photo818skincarestudio


818 SKINCARE STUDIO - @818skincarestudio Instagram Photo

Delicious Sunday lunch@veggiegrill: @followthatvegan

healthcoachmelanie - @healtcoachmelanie Instagram Profile Photohealtcoachmelanie


healthcoachmelanie - @healtcoachmelanie Instagram Photo

E-power lifestyle Een van de grootste redenen dat mensen voor E-Power+ gaan, is puur dat je op een gezonde 🥝 manier kunt afvallen. In plaats van minder eten – zoals bij diëten -, hoef je bij E-Power+ lifestyle niet per se je voedselinname te minderen, maar zal je wel ánders (gezonder!) gaan eten. Hierdoor wordt het gemakkelijker voor je lichaam om op gewicht blijven en heb je geen last van jojo effecten.Je leert om voor je lichaam te zorgen en je leert je lichaam in balans te houden. Op deze manier blijf je dus op je streef gewicht terwijl je gewoon nog lekker kunt blijven eten

Natalia Saenz 🍍 - @nataliasaenzenforma Instagram Profile Photonataliasaenzenforma

Natalia Saenz 🍍

Natalia Saenz 🍍 - @nataliasaenzenforma Instagram Photo

Every day is another change to get STRONGER, to eat BETTER, to live HEALTHIER and to be the best version of YOU. #sundayvibes#outsideworkout#loveyourbody#goodkarma#resistancebands‍️

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