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🏡The Jamie McMartin Group (@thejamiemcmartingroup) Instagram Profile Photothejamiemcmartingroup

🏡The Jamie McMartin Group

 Closing out 2017 with moreUNDER CONTACT! Ready1667645448339839362
Igor Fraga (@fraga.zouk) Instagram Profile Photofraga.zouk

Igor Fraga

Coming back home after an amazing weekend in Washignton D.C./Baltimore.Thank you so much everyone who attended the workshops and parties.Thank you @districtzoukand @zoukmiadcfororganizing the workshops and everything else.I'm really grateful for working with such amazing people/friends.#igorfraga#zouk#dance#dowhatyoulove#lovewhatyoudo#grateful#djfraga

Mourad (@mourad_sf) Instagram Profile Photomourad_sf


Short rib. Truffle.Need we say more? 1667644233441570614

Short rib. Truffle.Need we say more?

Adeline's (@shopadelines) Instagram Profile Photoshopadelines


Working at a job that you're less than thrilled to 1667643310384383988

Working at a job that you're less than thrilled to be at can be emotionally draining. I know, I've been there. If that's you, start making a plan to change it.You don't have to spend 40 hours a week for the rest of your life doing something you don't like doing. You're doing the company you work for and yourself a disservice when you're not passionate about what you're doing! Make a plan and take action to live your best life doing something that you love!