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Armando Oporto - @a_singer_who_cant_sing Instagram Photo

So yeah winter formal was nice but the best part was resolving long time issues yet in truth I must say that at the end I left more hopeful but just as heart broken#love ? #winterformal#brokenheart#broken#goodnight#funtimes#memoeries#highschool#lovelifeproblems#teendating#eh

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Albin Mulaj - @a.mulaj03 Instagram Profile Photoa.mulaj03

Albin Mulaj

Albin Mulaj - @a.mulaj03 Instagram Photo

Epic 9/5

Introvertedly Quirky - @woodlynnsance Instagram Profile Photowoodlynnsance

Introvertedly Quirky

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"Find joy in the little things, and you will never be unhappy"Things won't always go as planned.You will face trials and tribulations.You may stumble, fall, stay down, in a repeating cycle, more than others.You will wake up hating your reflection in the mirror at times.You may have been dealt the worst cards from birth.People will turn their back on you.Family and friends will disappointment you.Your love life will have its ups and downs.You will make poor judgment from time to time.You will experience sadness, fear, loss, loneliness, anger, confusion, insecurity, and manymore difficult emotions.But DON'T EVER let your happiness depend on whether things are good or bad.Celebrate small successes just as much as big successes.Certainly don't let your happiness depend on others.Incorporate laughter into your life everyday, whichever way you can.Go out there and do what makes YOU happy. Anything or anyone else can only make you HAPPIER!As for me, I find joy in bringing happiness to others, especially while I #servenyc@nycservice.#life#quote#motivation#happiness#laughter#love#enjoylife#enjoythelittlethings#conquer#persevere#challengeyourself#celebrate#createyourhappiness

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#stmshoesnon è solo biker! Ecco il tronchetto #stmby #steliomaloriper tutti i giorni. ..o per la tua Style UniformDisponibile sul nostro Shop Online (link in bio)

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