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Robyn Crawford (@padft7) Instagram Profile Photopadft7

Robyn Crawford

Henrik Madsen (@schultz.madsen) Instagram Profile Photoschultz.madsen

Henrik Madsen

Cory Jarrous (@parkouryjarrous) Instagram Profile Photoparkouryjarrous

Cory Jarrous

Y'all ever felt this? I kno u have tho...#lostfr 1655275111593555917

Y'all ever felt this? I kno u have tho...#lostfriends#lostfriendship#lostsoulmate#breakup

Lena Helen Garstad (@umbrellalena) Instagram Profile Photoumbrellalena

Lena Helen Garstad

mrs suave ❤ Ryan (@mr_suave_23) Instagram Profile Photomr_suave_23

mrs suave ❤ Ryan


This is all my friend i don't have in this photo.Memory all my friend.And my.. Friend... Chall.. Gonna... Go.. To.. New... School... We.. All.. Sad... About... Her... Please... Chall don't leave we...#skstanne#lastdayofschool#lostfriends#sad

SHIVANI AND SALONI (@storiesofanachingheart) Instagram Profile Photostoriesofanachingheart


One day you are going to be sitting on a hammock r 1655062364766987211

One day you are going to be sitting on a hammock rereading your favourite book when someone is going to come up to you and tell you that "she has replaced you." You are going to break. You are gonna scream, cry and feel terrible. Your tears seem to have no limit. You cry all day all night. You think about the times when both of you did silly things and laughed so hard that you were in physical pain. You are going to think about all the times both of you hung out and made your deepest confession. You are gonna think about how she told you she was hurt and you stayed up with a coffee mug just for her. All the times you made random video calls and tried to study. The sound of her laughter will reverberate in your ears. You will remember all the times she promised she would stay. The way she spoke, her smile, her pain, her stories you are going to miss all of it. You feel the ache building up in your chest when you are going to see her with someone else every time. You see that she is happier now. You see that she never cared. You are going to know that you were never a priority. As said rightly," it gets bad before it gets better." You are going to feel pain emotionally and physically. It's going to take you long to heal. It's going to take so much time to let yourself believe that it's all over and she is long gone. Your life is going to forever changed. You are going to trust none, smile less and carry a sad soul with a happy face. Maybe this is it. This how life works. You move from one disappointment to another. ~shivani #lostfriends#brokenheart


Walt's lesson of the week to take care of friends who are lost, he wasnt pumped #butthisismystuff#lostfriends#wefoundhismumma#bruce#hisrealnameismaverick

🌶ΔRRARĮ 💰⚱🕯 (@hotboypooky) Instagram Profile Photohotboypooky


Wonder what happened to TarBear and JarBear #LostF 1654319575063069315

Wonder what happened to TarBear and JarBear #lostfriendshope ur doing well wherever you are and whatever your doing

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