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❤️Jackie❤️ (@vegetarianmumandbaby) Instagram Profile Photovegetarianmumandbaby


❤️Jackie❤️ (@vegetarianmumandbaby) Instagram Photo

Melbourne Fitzroy has many hidden gems... 'Rose Street Market' is one of them!Every Saturday and Sunday the Market gathers some of Melbourne's most exciting artists and designers to display their wares and talk all things handmade.Remember to check out my friend's wares there :#longsilverthread ... Beautiful handmade jewellery!! ️ #traveling#foodblogger#foodadventures#vegetarian#vegetarianrecipes#veganrecipes#vegetarianfood#pregnancy#healthybaby#healthylifestyle#foodrecipes#素媽媽#素媽媽食譜分享#素寶寶#素食#素食主義

W H O L E . S O U L HAPPINESS (@twiggandbones) Instagram Profile Phototwiggandbones


W H O L E . S O U L HAPPINESS (@twiggandbones) Instagram Photo

Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself... right?! I am in love with this ring and the story behind it. A lucky Ring Number 8, has 7 hand crafted and engraved spinnable rings set into a single band - bringing the total to the lucky number 8. Eight represents cosmic equilibrium and marks the Buddhist path to awakening

Drbronwyncoull (@drbronwyncoull) Instagram Profile Photodrbronwyncoull


Drbronwyncoull (@drbronwyncoull) Instagram Photo

New Japanese wave ring. Inspired by Tibetan thangka paintings. Water is equated with wisdom due to its ability to find a pathway around all obstacles. Also associated with 'yin' energy, empowering feminine qualities. #longsilverthread#ocean#melbournejewellery#rosestreetmarket#gratitude#yingyang#yinyoga#turnwithin#happysunday

Jezamine Khoo (@jazzaek) Instagram Profile Photojazzaek

Jezamine Khoo

Jezamine Khoo (@jazzaek) Instagram Photo

commemorating our 8th year of marriage is this pair of Cloud Rings from #longsilverthreadthat we bought in #rosestreetmarket . We started this tradition last year where we will get something during our anniversary trip. Last year was a couple tee from Muji Tokyo that were handprinted.

D-ranged Art & Design / Sticky (@d_ranged) Instagram Profile Photod_ranged

D-ranged Art & Design / Sticky

D-ranged Art & Design / Sticky (@d_ranged) Instagram Photo

Totally loving this beauty from #longsilverthreadhopefully I stop biting my nails 🤗

Wendy Higgs (@o0wendy0o) Instagram Profile Photoo0wendy0o

Wendy Higgs

Love supporting melbourne designers. My spinning #longsilverthreadring is beautiful and well, it's fun to play with too. ️ Thank you @therosestmarket!! #melbslife#melbournedesign#luckynumber8

NERIDA BEARDSELL (@nerida.beardsell.mua) Instagram Profile Photonerida.beardsell.mua


NERIDA BEARDSELL (@nerida.beardsell.mua) Instagram Photo

Has anyone tried the bareMinerals Brilliant Future Age Defense & Renew Serum? I hear it's amazing, can't wait to try it! The Mecca Cosmetica Elixir Body Oil is a luxurious favourite of mine for its divine botanical oil blend scent. . . Not usually one for a floral fragrance, but the Diptyque DoSon EDT is the exception️ I wonder if it's the Africanfloral note that I fancy 🤔 Tap for brand credits.

jaxsta23 (@jaxsta23) Instagram Profile Photojaxsta23


jaxsta23 (@jaxsta23) Instagram Photo

When the packaging is as beautiful as the pretty treat inside...#longsilverthread#rosestreetmarket#925

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