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Regina Calzado - @regcalzado Instagram Profile Photoregcalzado

Regina Calzado

Regina Calzado - @regcalzado Instagram Photo

Just keep walking

Lynn - @lyhnn__ Instagram Photo
Rhian Saxon - @needtravel.ig Instagram Profile Photoneedtravel.ig

Rhian Saxon

Rhian Saxon - @needtravel.ig Instagram Photo
Joshua Jones - @jshuajnes Instagram Profile Photojshuajnes

Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones - @jshuajnes Instagram Photo

Metanoia (n.) - the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.It’s been on my mind for quite a while that I need to make some very drastic life changes. I withering away.A friend recently posted about the excuse of “being too busy” and “not having enough time” - I’m certainly guilty of using those. Up until now I sit at work dreaming of a “weekend adventure” so I can go photograph and draw, read and write. I’m coming to the realization of just how sad that existence is.I want a life that’s an adventure. I want to explore this world without a time limit.

Melissa - @myturquoisehomeblog Instagram Photo

Waiting for Santa Claus at the parade! #myturquoisehomeblog#myturquoisehomekids

Brittany Leigh - @onelittlemountainmomma Instagram Photo

Our first ever Castle Rock Star Lighting complete with live music, candles, a “town poem”, Christmas carols, Santa, the star lighting and fire works! We really did move to our very own Stars Hollow! ️

jess s. - @boneandsol Instagram Profile Photoboneandsol

jess s.

jess s. - @boneandsol Instagram Photo

sitting on the dock of the bay. or lake. whatever.

Christine Thompson - @mtnlifephoto Instagram Profile Photomtnlifephoto

Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson - @mtnlifephoto Instagram Photo

Sometimes I think these views are almost too good to be true. But then I pinch myself.

Candi by Alli - @candibyalli Instagram Profile Photocandibyalli

Candi by Alli

Candi by Alli - @candibyalli Instagram Photo
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