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Literaturedawn (@literaturedawn) Instagram Profile Photoliteraturedawn


#book 1669202883532523076
Şiir yazma hastalığımHep böyle havalarda nüksett 1104541821535234937

Şiir yazma hastalığımHep böyle havalarda nüksetti;Beni bu güzel havalar mahvetti.~~~*My poem writing diseaseAlways hit me in this kind of weatherThis beautiful weather has driven me crazy.#objektifimden#iphonephotography#blue#see#healthy#orhanveli#literature#seagull

I Kinda Like Books... (@alixinbookland) Instagram Profile Photoalixinbookland

I Kinda Like Books...

“I am no bird, and no net ensures me.”What book1669202822429920176

“I am no bird, and no net ensures me.”What book do you need to own all the merch for? This is one of my all time favorite books... I’ve read it about 6 times. So naturally any merch I see relating to it I need. Like the @belleandcocandlemakerscandle (smells sooooooo good) and this @litemporiumsweatshirt .

Niamh Devereux @nifdy (@nifdy) Instagram Profile Photonifdy

Niamh Devereux @nifdy

Gettin’ lit on lit #literature1669203032623295741

Gettin’ lit on lit #literature

Vita Ann (@vita_ann) Instagram Profile Photovita_ann

Vita Ann

🤔 Deals on the table, book signings, up for nomina 1669202533921805510

🤔 Deals on the table, book signings, up for nomination at the 2017 @phillyhiphopawards , live tv interview Dec 23rd, now my name PLASTERED ON THE FRONT COVER OF@upnextmagazinefor "NEWEST PHILLY BOOK DIVA" you heard what they said PHILLY BOOK DIVA🤷‍️ 2018 I feel sorry for you cause I'm coming believe that baby! and I plan on doing some major damage so watch out🥂 I am beyond blessed and thankful