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lisa marie | fb or i unf🌨 (@arinantor) Instagram Profile Photoarinantor

lisa marie | fb or i unf🌨

i’ve had a good day today and my mental health is1667712610362758859

i’ve had a good day today and my mental health is okay, i’m still feeling okay tonight which is a rare thing but. hopefully tomorrow is just as good. ——i’m going to sleep now loves, i’ll be starting a theme on this account tomorrow so pls be active

❤️Plin & Lucky❤️ (@gleicyellen36) Instagram Profile Photogleicyellen36

❤️Plin & Lucky❤️


A luz q me guia é bem mais forte do que os olhosque me cerca ️ #trançaafro#trançarasteira#amo#gotica#like4like#likeforlike#likeforfollow

spam🌪 (@fueg.hoe) Instagram Profile Photofueg.hoe



i seen maybe like 2 posts about some lil girls killing, themselves bc of being bullied. there was no media coverage about that. now we have this white ugly ass luh boy, being “bullied”...but the GAG is, he been calling some of his classmates the n word, and they finally whooped his ass for it. THEN, his family is racist af & are active kkk members. let that sink if you donated, get yo money back. this some bs