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Someone Is Always Watching, But Do Not Mistake My Rituals For Paranoia! Karma Is A Corporation, But You Already Knew That. Language...Well, Laurie Anderson Said It Better Anyway.

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obsessed #laurieanderson

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Anna Chmiel Art

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"Anither world"watercolor and ink on paper. "We're going down to the bottomAll the way to the bottomWe get turned aroundThere is another worldInside of this one.Rapture of the deep.We're going down to the bottomThere is another worldSpinning inside of this one"Laurie Anderson - Freefall Lyrics#watercolor#water#light#twoworlds#another#world#tree#sky#drawing#book#laurieanderson#lyrics#poetry#illustration#painting#paint#art#artist#colors#malarstwo#akwarela#papier#snnachmiel

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Cassiano Viana

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"The thing that's forbiddenby the Tibetan Book of the Deadis crying.Crying is not allowedbecause it's supposedlyconfusing to the deadand you don't want to summon them back,because they actually can't come back.So,no crying". Laurie Anderson, Heart of a Dog.(obrigado, @audreyfurlaneto )#laurieanderson#heartofadog

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Cameron MacKenzie

Cassiano Viana (@vianacassiano) Instagram Profile Photovianacassiano

Cassiano Viana

Cassiano Viana (@vianacassiano) Instagram Photo

Annie Leibovitz. Lou Reed and LaurieAnderson, Coney Island, New York, 1995./ "She says, What do you call loveWell I call it HarryOh, please I'm being seriousWhat do you call loveWell I don't call it family and I don't call it lustAnd as we all know marriage isn't a mustAnd I suppose in the end, it's a matter of trustIf I had to I'd call love timeShe says, What do you call loveCan't you be more specificWhat do you call loveIs it more than the heart's hieroglyphicWell for me time has no meaning, no future, no pastAnd when you're in love, you don't have to askThere's never enough time to hold love in your graspTurning time aroundTurning time aroundThat is what love isTurning time aroundYes, that is what love isMy time is your time when you're in loveAnd time is what you never have enough ofYou can't see or hold it, it's exactly like love" /Lou Reed, Turning time around (Ecstasy, 2000)#laurieanderson#loureed#annieleibovitz

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Still from Laurie Anderson's virtual reality installation that lets you fly.

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