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Joachim Jensen (@supersvensker) Instagram Profile Photosupersvensker

Joachim Jensen

Joachim Jensen (@supersvensker) Instagram Photo

Idag är det precis 3 månader kvar tills jag flyger till Los Angeles. Kanske var det därför det gick så bra med ryggträningen idag! 🤔 Muscle beach watch out!#nevergiveup#tävlarmotmigsjälv#rygg#backattack#row#fitforlife#lats#ökk#åldrasmedstil#gymselfie#lifestyle

Talitha (@tally_c96) Instagram Profile Phototally_c96


Talitha (@tally_c96) Instagram Photo

Post gym pump got me feeling jaackkeed! First real hard back sesh...give me a few more weeks and hopefully we'll see some more muscle making an appearance!

Chris Mott (@unchainedstrength) Instagram Photo

Brother appreciation post, have always looked up to this guy my whole life and it has been awesome experience training him to come back from a fractured vertebrae injury rehabbing through and now at the point where he can comfortabley deadlift pain free and stronger than ever. Super inspiring and glad to call you family. 🤜🤛

Fitness lifestyle 🇫🇷💪 (@madbro_nico) Instagram Profile Photomadbro_nico

Fitness lifestyle 🇫🇷💪

Fitness lifestyle 🇫🇷💪 (@madbro_nico) Instagram Photo

Entraînement éclair aujourd'hui : 30 minutes. Pas la forme. Du soulevé de terre , du tirage vertical neutre et retour à la maison pour aller me coucherLa séance Dos était vraiment réduite à son minimum. Est-ce que je suis le seul à ne pas vouloir manquer une seule séance de mon programme?? #dos#madbro#marmule#shield

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