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Angeline Stacy (@angelinestacy) Instagram Profile Photoangelinestacy

Angeline Stacy

Angeline Stacy (@angelinestacy) Instagram Photo
Leonard and Dorothy (@leonardanddorothy) Instagram Profile Photoleonardanddorothy

Leonard and Dorothy

Leonard and Dorothy (@leonardanddorothy) Instagram Photo

This is my smush. He’s not feeling well tonight. My heart feels a million things - - and love and sad go together sometimes... praying he feels better soon. I always have a late night coffee on Thanksgiving... ️sigh... #love#heart#sick#smusha#thanksgiving#ponderings#latenight#coffee#awake

Princessa Vanessa✨💫 (@vanessaaajeann) Instagram Profile Photovanessaaajeann

Princessa Vanessa✨💫

Princessa Vanessa✨💫 (@vanessaaajeann) Instagram Photo

ever wanna quit life for a few months and hide in the woods bc everything is too much?

Dr. Sohee Jennifer Kim (@hopesohee) Instagram Profile Photohopesohee

Dr. Sohee Jennifer Kim

Adam Smith (@abdamkerpal) Instagram Profile Photoabdamkerpal

Adam Smith

Adam Smith (@abdamkerpal) Instagram Photo

Its 05:12am and i feel like shit. On the plus side I've listened to flower of Scotland at least 5 times in a row. "But we can still rise now,And be that nation again." #scottish#scotland#flowerofscotland#thistle#latenight#ill

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