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StangPeople - @stangpeople Instagram Profile Photostangpeople


StangPeople - @stangpeople Instagram Photo

#am2017is a wrap!A special thanks to everyone for braving the amazing weather and making this the best AmericanMuscle Mustang Show yet!FOLLOW @stangpeopleFOR DAILY CONTENT!---------------------------------------------All Credit due to original poster, they have been tagged. #supercars#supercar#ultimatecarphotos#f4f#l4l#s4s#photooftheday#dailycarpics247#supercarseurope#carporn#car#carthrottle#luxury#rich#igcar#carsofinstagram#power#lamborghini#ferrari#mercedes#maserati#bugattiveyron#bentley#mclaren#koenigsegg#bmw#aventador

A1Caliber LLC™ Owner, Founder - @anomalybaby Instagram Profile Photoanomalybaby

A1Caliber LLC™ Owner, Founder

A1Caliber LLC™ Owner, Founder - @anomalybaby Instagram Photo

I have nothing but influencers around me who keep me on my toes and grinding harder each and every day! People ask why I do so much for people I don’t know, why I don’t sleep, why I don’t take breaks and pamper myself sometimes. I CANT!I have a son, a mission and a roaring fire burning inside of me that keeps me fueled and it won’t fizzle out until I’m dead and gone. That’s hard to explain to people who are trapped in their own matrix and complaining about how life sucks — as if they can’t alter their own reality with the power they possess. They choose to be complacent. I don’t. They need proof and validation. I don’t but if I did, I can just look around me at at my friends who are doing everything they put their minds to. Let’s point out the fact that most of these beautiful minds are young, black men who at seldom celebrated because they get drown out by all the nonsense from reality tv etc. Eff that. I’m not about to break my neck to snap a photo with your fav celebrity when I know people like@umbuzzinbentley@marquistrill@hiphopmeasure@38thedon@king_terrance312__My friends are celebrities to me. They do epic shit on the low lol but I get to see everything! Bentley, you’re more humble than most but you definitely deserve to stuntbabe! Love you!!___Repost @umbuzzinbentley・・・Pull up game heavy. I grind 24/7 for my family, children and goals. Sometimes you have to show your hard work from a material point of view before they realize you're really on some shit.Put some respect on my name. Motivation only.Being around other successful people just motivates me to dream bigger and work harder. Get in the mind set of being able to do whatever you want to do!

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