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Lakers! (@lakergalaxy) Instagram Photo

⠀ ⠀⠀My favorite Big Three ever...

Lonzo Ball (@lonzotoday) Instagram Profile Photolonzotoday

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball (@lonzotoday) Instagram Photo

LonzoCreds: @dopest_mixes_@zo

Los Angeles Lakers (@nbalakersnation) Instagram Profile Photonbalakersnation

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers (@nbalakersnation) Instagram Photo

I’m thankfulFor being able to witness greatness...

Kyle Kuzma Fanpage (@kuzmakyle_0) Instagram Profile Photokuzmakyle_0

Kyle Kuzma Fanpage

Brandon Ingram (2.9K) (@ingrammafia) Instagram Profile Photoingrammafia

Brandon Ingram (2.9K)

Brandon Ingram (2.9K) (@ingrammafia) Instagram Photo

Ingram and Kuzma have been the main reason we’re even having a chance of making the playoffs but the only players lakers fans talk about are Lonzo and Kuzma. Just a tip, Ingram is putting these stats up at the age of 20 🤫. Some of you guys try and compare him to Kuzma but there both putting up similar stats and do y’all know that Kyle Kuzma is older than Ingram by 3 years? The main point is, Ingram doesn’t get enough credit for the stuff he does for us! -Lakers fans, follow @ingrammafia(me) for updates, stats, news of Brandon Ingram!

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