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🍇cosmetics connoisseur🍷 ( Instagram Profile

🍇cosmetics connoisseur🍷

AAAAND THENNN.. (this is kind of a continuation of 1667178599983087011

AAAAND THENNN.. (this is kind of a continuation of my last post 🤣 sorry guys.. just had to rant a bit) @kyliecosmeticsuses the exact same component @jeffreestarcosmeticsuses for his Velour Liquid Lipsticks. 🤔🤔 girl.. really? Out of the THOUSANDS of stock components you could have chosen from (and with a company valued at almost 1 billion dollars I would honestly expect a bespoke component designed for her brand tbh) you really had to use this one? Not being petty.. the Internet is EXPLODING with discussion on the concealer component and the ridiculous brush set price point.. people are quite quick to clock stuff like this nowadays ⏰⌚ If you want your brand to continue gaining prestige and clout you can't be making missteps like this hunnnnnAY.. it's not like she broke any laws by using this specific component but idk I feel like most brands would want their own gig and vibe.. Kylie is well aware of Jeffree's brand and you cannot tell me that during a board meeting over at Kylie lost-her-damn-mind Cosmetics that the brands who use this particular component for their products weren't listedNot sure why the design was given the go-ahead when it could have easily been more unique and not have used a component that another brand that has a large following uses.Jeffree himself asked the same question to his followers on Twitter and got piled by Kylie's stans.. like badI'm not sure why.. he was just asking a question. In the industry there tends to be an understanding that one brand shouldn't use the exact same packaging as another for different products.. 1) because it takes away from your own brand's originality and 2) people clock it reeeeeal quick and your brand loses respect, little by little. Using stock components is common but she's got the money to design some bomb ass packaging & he was just wondering how/why the design got greenlit I don't see anything wrong with him pondering this.. do you? Also.. what do you think of her concealers packaging? I think it's quite boring & she could have done way better given the capital her company possessesI'll pass the discussion over to you guys.. would love to hear your thoughts!

Evelina Beauty Salon Exclusive (@evelinabeautysalonexclusive) Instagram Profile Photoevelinabeautysalonexclusive

Evelina Beauty Salon Exclusive

So proud to meet world class celebrity makeup arti 1667170755091066598
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- A Z E R E D OL A S H E S-So excited my @azeredocosmeticsLashes have arrivedThese are GORGEOUS, luxurious Handmade Mink Lashes! I ordered two pairs in the styles Goddess and Vixen 🤩 They are so fluffy and comfortable, I was so impressed when I tried them on! Can’t wait to show you all how beautiful these are!#kkwultralightbeams#kkwbeauty#hairmakeupdiary#makegirlz#hudabeauty#allmodernmakeup#slave2beauty#slaymakeup#wakeupandmakeup#makeupforbarbies#featuremuas#abhjunkies#lillylashes#makeupaddict#peachyqueenblog#makeupjunkie#discover_muas#kvd#sugarpill#torontomakeupartist#themakeuprules#universomakeup#fiercesociety#flawlessdolls#linerandbrowsss#makeup4glam#makeupartistsworldwide#kkw#themakeuprules

🍇cosmetics connoisseur🍷 ( Instagram Profile

🍇cosmetics connoisseur🍷

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie... giiiirlllll.. have you lost 1667168287690860738

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie... giiiirlllll.. have you lost your damn mind!?$360 for this brush set PLUS (omggggg so luxxxx) a cheap silver roll is insulting and quite frankly very inattentive to who your customers are and what they want. Look at your demographic and who your main customer base is.. where the majority of your coins are coming from.. most of these people cannot afford this crazy price point. And then you compare your brushes to @artisbrushand @kevynaucoin ?hoooooney... Kevyn Aucoin was an absolute LEGEND in this industry since the late 80s/early 90s and yeah hunny your company is almost valued at $1B but it still doesn't carry the prestige and clout Kevyn's line does (god rest his crazy beautiful soul ) ALSO... the brushes in ALL photos and I have seen have not looked $360 nice. Wanna see that? Go shop @gossmakeupartist 's line of brushes. Natural hair, made in Japan with the FINEST materials (no this is not an ad nor sponsored by Wayne although I would love that one day hehehe.. a boy can dream ) and there you will see quality and what your $360 is deserving of. Honestly, I don't blame the beauty community for being up in arms about this. Even after Kylie divulged on Twitter that the brushes are made with natural hair, they still look inexpensive. From the handle, to the ferrule as well as the hairs themselves, they do not look bespoke or of a quality standard that warrants the price point.THAT'S MY RANT OF THE DAY.. what do you guys think of all this hoopla? 🤔 Let me know in the comments below.. and bitch.. I know what we are all waiting for..! A damn comparison review of these brushes VS. cheaper brands as well as the brands Kylie seems to think she is now competing with. ‍️ Should be interesting..

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Throwback to BlondYe ‍️ 1667167155000683971

Throwback to BlondYe ‍️

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Cosmetic Beauty care

KKW lipstickSatu batang dgn harga RM12! Sale#K 1667165126233309285

KKW lipstickSatu batang dgn harga RM12!