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Gwyneth 🍭 (@gwennyy28) Instagram Profile Photogwennyy28

Gwyneth 🍭

Gwyneth 🍭 (@gwennyy28) Instagram Photo
Юлия , (@ylia_lautenshlager) Instagram Photo

Я очень люблю такие портреты! Кто то скажет нет движения в кадре, нет каких то ярких эмоций, все это есть, надо только включить воображения:) #детскийфотографспб

Claire Millen • Designer Maker (@periwinkleandclay) Instagram Profile Photoperiwinkleandclay

Claire Millen • Designer Maker

Claire MillenDesigner Maker (@periwinkleandclay) Instagram Photo

#nofilterjust a stunning black and white four tile frame in my favourite new limited edition grey linear frameshow lovely would this look in a grey and yellow room?! ;) #greydecor#blackandwhitephotos#nofilter#periwinkleandclay#greyphotoframe#greydeco#photosonclay#beautifulphotos

Sharp Shots Photo Club (@sharp_shots_photo_club) Instagram Profile Photosharp_shots_photo_club

Sharp Shots Photo Club

Sharp Shots Photo Club (@sharp_shots_photo_club) Instagram Photo

Dandan has done a fantastic job photographing the colours of autumn in this image taken at Boxgrove School After School Photography Club. She has thought about the rule of thirds and placed the tree on the side of her frame. Well done Dandan! #afterschoolclub#afterschoolphotographyclub#autumn#kidsphotography#youngphotographer#kidswithcameras

Denise Lissert (@deniselissert) Instagram Profile Photodeniselissert

Denise Lissert

Denise Lissert (@deniselissert) Instagram Photo

Vart tog all snö vägen det var ju så magiskt! ️

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