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#junglefever • List images about junglefever via Instagram

Amriet Soekhlal - @ammiebones Instagram Accountammiebones

Amriet Soekhlal

Chris Lean and Jann Baker - @tamborinetotilba Instagram Accounttamborinetotilba

Chris Lean and Jann Baker

22|Taken. ♓✌🌻 - @precioussusannah Instagram Accountprecioussusannah

22|Taken. ♓✌🌻

22|Taken. ♓✌🌻 - @precioussusannah Instagram Photo

“Holding hands is a promise to one another that , just for a moment the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.” ️ #teamswirl#junglefever#interracialcouple#like4like

Bisma Cottages Ubud - @bismacottages Instagram Accountbismacottages

Bisma Cottages Ubud

Bisma Cottages Ubud - @bismacottages Instagram Photo
Jungle FishReportShareDownload219

How good does this look for some weekend chill out time ?? Ubud’s day club in the jungle, only 15 mins from us # #yesplease#ourfavoriteplaces#allgoodinubud#utown#weekendhangs

Jacquie Nadon (Turley) - @jturleybird Instagram Accountjturleybird

Jacquie Nadon (Turley)

Go media

Spot the cat in my new #bostonfernwhich is now home in our new completed plant room!#catsofinstagram#earlgrey#plantsandcats#junglefever#urbangarden#houseplantjournal

Sophie 🦋 - @thalassophie Instagram Accountthalassophie

Sophie 🦋

Sophie 🦋 - @thalassophie Instagram Photo

Swopping blues for greens as we leave behind coastal Colombia and immerse ourselves into the jungle. Have you ever felt so small as when standing alone surrounded by the towering jungle trees, the only sound to be heard the creeping wildlife that only reveal themselves from hiding if they so wish to do so, I don't know about you, but the jungle let's me know that the world is so much bigger than you or I. The jungle puts everything into perspective. No matter how much money you have, your career, passion, background, ethnicity, race, religion, we all carry the same inferiority when put up against the Jungle. You win luscious green paradise(ps this photo was actually taken out of an open walled toilet in Hostel Casa Elemento)

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