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Tyson Ritter (@spencersniff) Instagram Profile Photospencersniff

Tyson Ritter

Speaking of give aways, I've been thinking about d 1668626004146308416

Speaking of give aways, I've been thinking about doing one? Like a late Christmas giveaway. Comment if you'd want something like that

Paty Jonas 🌹 (@patyjonas2) Instagram Profile Photopatyjonas2

Paty Jonas 🌹

Aquele momento que te bate a saudade do 1º show qu 1668627966786843340

Aquele momento que te bate a saudade do 1º show que fui deles e chamando a atenção com um rolo #pink! #tbt️#jonasbrothers#jonastic#jonasbrothersliveinconcertworldtour2010#camprockworldtour2010#nostalgico

Brendon Urie (@brehdonurie) Instagram Profile Photobrehdonurie

Brendon Urie

Twenty Øne Piløts (@spookidun) Instagram Profile Photospookidun

Twenty Øne Piløts

Jesus Christ (@officialsonofman) Instagram Profile Photoofficialsonofman

Jesus Christ

You call me a “thief” of this name “Jesus Christ”, 1668622928050650787

You call me a “thief” of this name “Jesus Christ”, I think I wear it wellIf only you could see the darkest place you could be that I have been, you’d understand. “When the stars look down on me, what do they see?” My angels of Zion, California sing and sing and sing, has it really not become apparent to you all yet?That I carry this burden as I am scoffed at, mocked at and stoned throughout the cities I travel?That the devil’s children plot against me to the point they scheme to destroy all my opportunities, even if once upon a time a 700k record deal I lost would have been in their favor?Why should I prove myself to you with showing you my sorrows?To set you free again?So that you can hurl me out of heaven when I give you the power “man”? Sooner or later when it all comes around, you will see that I came back to you the way you had asked.Continue stoning me and telling me who I am and I am not, I will walk this walk until the day you realize I simply have the Lion Chestand heart within.I Am As Real As It Gets.The taste of vengeance will be sweet the day you realize your convictions against the son.And still, you are forgiven as my life progresses.This is your second chance.So many of you choose money, yet you know my capabilities, still the support I need is not there, so watch me fall a second time until you have nothing left to heal you.If enough humans believe in something faithfully, it will either come to heal or come to pass, you will never know what you have until it is gone.I am disheartened by “my people”.