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Melissa Foti

All the AMAZING ways coaching has changed my life: 1667132545552074258

All the AMAZING ways coaching has changed my life:Improved my healthWeight lossConfidenceEnergy to keep up with my girlsWonderful friendships and a sense of communityOppurtunity to help othersFreedom to work from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME & earn extra income for my family!If you're on a health and fitness journey or you want to start one, or you're curious about what I do but don't know what it entails, my team is having a Sneak Peak into Coaching TOMORROW here on Facebook!! Comment below or send me a message if you want to check it out #workfromhome#momboss#sneakpeek#sneakpeekintocoaching#workfromhome#workfromhomeopportunity#healthandfitness#accountability#support#befitwithmel#healthandfitnessjourney#joinme#joinus#teamwork#community#senseofcommunity

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Global Project underway-please check your email! 1667103023548989572

Global Project underway-please check your email!  Or send us a message and find out how to join in the fun! underway! Calling all #swordand #movement#soulswe are so excited to have you #joinus#celebrateyour #inner#ninja#nike#youmatter#sliceinto #alignment

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Subas Tamang

#GPRepost #reposter #regram_app @samdaniartfoundat 1667128430906276150

#gprepost#reposter#regram_app@samdaniartfoundationvia @gprepostappfor Android------------------As the producers of the @dhakaartsummitwe welcome you all to join us at the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy this coming February for what will be our four and most ambitious Summit to date.Find out more about our 9-day programme, packed with talks, performances, illustrated lectures, workshops and more on the #dhakaartsummitwebsite: artwork courtesy @jakkai#54daystogo#joinus#das2018joinus#dhakaorbust#dhakagram#southasianart#artistsofbangladesh#artistsofinstagram#dhaka#findoutmore

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ATTENTION MAMAS WITH HEALTHIER NEW YEARS ON THE MINDS️️️️..You go ahead and make this month magical for your families — do all the things, make all the lists, create the memories. You’ve got a big job this month and we know there’s no rest or time to breathe in between it all. ..But I AM getting prepped to be the one to take care of YOU come January..I know you’re not ready right now to think about how to get back on track AFTER all the festivities because you’re in the thick of it. ️️..I know because I’m right there with you doing all of it for my little guy too ‍️ ..Here’s the thing though....I have transitioned back to healthier habits after the holidays are gone and KNOW what we need to do.I have access to the resources, I’m making the plans, I’ve got the online community to support us — all the things WE need to get those health goals back on track when the holidays end. So, let’s do this together!! ..I want to create the magic for YOU that you do for everyone else. Only this “magic” involves helping you feel better, create healthier habits, eat well and find the tribe that brings positivity into your life on the daily. It’s not about a diet - it’s about living your best life and taking a little bit of time to fill your cup. So, while you’re doing all the December things....I’ll be over here planning all the January things to have them ready for YOU! ..I’m putting together YOUR plan, YOUR online community, YOUR support — it’ll be ready for the new year if you areJOIN ME in kicking off your New Year’s Resolutions with a PLAN!! Our online accountability group will begin in January and we will be focusing on eating clean, working out and feeling fabulous. Workouts, meal plans, superfood shake, portion control tools — all included. PLUS access to a brand new program, bundle prices on tools & an extra gift from me..COMMENT with a holiday emoji or message me to learn more about how to join us for January. Spots WILL FILL ️️..Cheers to the healthiest year yet 🥂

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Jenna Witherbee

Making time to work out is hard. Trying to eat hea 1667127824418124108

Making time to work out is hard. Trying to eat healthy is hard. BUT feeling like crap and being unhappy with one’s body image is hard too. Wouldn’t you rather chose the hard that makes you feel great?•Me and so many people I know have found our way to the happier and healthier versions of ourselves through virtual bootcamps. We have found amazing support and encouragement from having other women who were seeking happiness and the return of their confidence. The fact of the matter is of you take care of yourself you can better take care of everyone and everything else in your life. You will have the energy and clarity to accomplish your goals.•Join us for our next bootcamp which starts in January! Registration is now OPEN! We'll check in daily to make sure you're completing the workout of your choice and provide full blown meal plans, tips/tricks to how you can fit healthy eating into your busy lifestyle. Along with all of that will come the missing link for many:️Community️Support️Motivation️Incentives (yes! prizes!)•Don’t let 2018 be another one of those years that you loose steam right away... make this a NEW YEAR for the NEW YOU!•For more details, comment below or email me at jennawitherbeefitness@gmail.comto learn more