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C.bates Jr. (@phocus360) Instagram Profile Photophocus360

C.bates Jr.

C.bates Jr. (@phocus360) Instagram Photo

Superheroes: raising a child is hard work. To many times at a young age I’ve seen the lights go out in our young boys spirts. Perhaps it’s them having to grow up to fast,seeing to much, seeing things they shouldn’t. Not having the opportunity to get involved in things that will allow them to grow intellectually and mentally.Ayden is one of the blessed ones.He has Super Heroes....WE NEED MORE SUPERHEROES.#superheroes#fujifeed#fujix100f#johnlewis#phocus360

Jill Sheppard (@rubyprimrose_mummy_blog) Instagram Photo

Little Yellow Table KIDS (@little_yellow_table_kids) Instagram Profile Photolittle_yellow_table_kids

Little Yellow Table KIDS


Cute striped dungarees with anchor print from John Lewis - size 6-9 months - £6.00 + p&p

Samantha Hummerstone (@samhummers) Instagram Profile Photosamhummers

Samantha Hummerstone

Samantha Hummerstone (@samhummers) Instagram Photo

The face of a dad who's spent the last two hours building a mini kitchen.. yet to be completed. Good job he loves her!#1yearsoldtomorrow #birthdaygirl #daddysgirl #tired #blesshim #toocute #johnlewis #cantbelieveshes1 #flatpackfurniture

Katie Pantling (@sewing_with_pants) Instagram Profile Photosewing_with_pants

Katie Pantling

Katie Pantling (@sewing_with_pants) Instagram Photo

Day Twenty-One. My #lessonlearnedwas when I was at uni I bought cheap and cheerful bobbins for my sewing machine. Long story short I had a deadline and machine stopped working. I had to convince my friend to drive to #johnlewisto get help. Luckily for me they fixed it! I always buy #janomebobbins and since then I've never had an issue with my machine #bpsewvember

Cat M O'C (@kittybookkitty) Instagram Photo

The #johnlewis#christmasshopis an environmental nightmare but it is SO #prettySo many #lightsand #colours#christmasin #london

Ruth Gibson (@jamberary) Instagram Profile Photojamberary

Ruth Gibson

Ruth Gibson (@jamberary) Instagram Photo
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