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Holly (@hollywiththemd) Instagram Photo

This post is just a shameless declaration of love for @ladygaga.Her debut single came out in my high school graduating year and in the 9 years since she's my favourite artist. I know I sound incredibly basic and people who know me love I LOVE mostly any pop, terrible pop usually.Her 4 albums have all taught me something different. She's a feminist hero to me who is incredibly talented and can write songs that make me dance and cry.Her latest album #joannehas a song of the same name she wrote about her Aunty she never met because she died hen she was iin her early twenties before Gaga was born. The first time I heard it I bawled. It felt like she was singing about me and my unfortunate inevitable passing but with such understanding. It's hard to put into words when a song really gets you.She's one of my 'If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would it be?' answers.I just miss the days where the biggest scandal was what she was wearing for the day!I'm unashamedly a devout Mother Monster follower and if she comes to Australia for her #joanneworldtourI'm blowing the budget and ordering the meet and greet package. I'll hug her and never wash again.So there you go. Now you know my favourite artist once wore a dress made of meat.

Lady Gaga News ✨ (@ladygaganewwss) Instagram Profile Photoladygaganewwss

Lady Gaga News ✨

Lady Gaga News ✨ (@ladygaganewwss) Instagram Photo

Queen of curls #slay🤘

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