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Belgian Malinois (@instamalinois) Instagram Profile Photoinstamalinois

Belgian Malinois!!  Follow@kimber_themalinois1670788819701747681
ReportShareDownload2239!!  Follow@kimber_themalinoisUse #instamalinoisto be featured

Nixon ❤ Doberman (@mycrazynixon) Instagram Profile Photomycrazynixon

Nixon ❤ Doberman

Friends please BEWARE! This person is selling vari 1670765025004271161

Friends please BEWARE! This person is selling various items on her #instagramI have been following her since day one so I mistakenly told a friend to trust she was honest. Regretfully she sold a collar labeling the incorrect size. When asked politely she just said sorry for the mistake and it can't be refunded. She also asked them to Paypal friends and family so that they couldn't dispute the charge. To top it off when we checked the website to make sure the sizing wasn't a fluke, it turned out she is charging more than the collar is worth! Especially for a collar with rust on it. Her sizing doesn't even exist on that company website, it is very clear she was labeling it to get the most buyers.I apologize deeply to the friend I told to trust her.

#CaroBergerPhotographe - premier concours BH réuss 1670465072197151645

#carobergerphotographe- premier concours BH réussi #bh #ipo #schutzhund #working -dog

Zlalla Vom Salztalblick BH Trial Passed #CaroBerge 1670760312376369472

Zlalla Vom Salztalblick BH Trial Passed #carobergerphotographe #ipo #schutzhund #clubiponord #clubiposport #working -dog

worldstar.crypto (@worldstar.crypto) Instagram Profile Photoworldstar.crypto


Hopefully #ripple has been given a roadmap to foll 1670756304359881434

Hopefully #ripplehas been given a roadmap to follow to get on #coinbaseAny crypto that goes on coinbase will get pumped up really quick just for how easy it is to buy. Maybe coinbase should adopt some of ripples technology to make our bank transfers quicker. #slowtransactions

Mindy Shepler (@mindyshepler) Instagram Profile Photomindyshepler

Mindy Shepler

An "in between project" while I wait for photos fo 1670751739908482022

An "in between project" while I wait for photos for another project.This has been in the works for a few years but I only got the one reference photo that I needed early this year.I got my DSLR in time to get the tracking photo. Two of the 4 reference photos are mine. If I pull this off, I will offer this option in the future! This one is a gift to my good friend.#schutzhund#ipo#workinglinegsd#longhairgsd#pastelpetportraits#blondeambitionsartstudio#pastelpencils#pastels#pastelchalk#derwent#stabilocarbothello#velvetmatboard#workingdog#petportrait#portraitcollage#ingvarvomeichenluft#photography#threephasesofschutzhund