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Thames College ( Instagram Profile

Thames College

Our certificate level students on the job. Complet 1667128700624059401

Our certificate level students on the job. Completing their paid internship programme at Anantara Resort Kalutara #hotelmanagement#training#internship#thamescollege#anantara#resortlife#studyhospitality#job#lk#igers

Geart van Dam (@geartvandam) Instagram Profile Photogeartvandam

Geart van Dam

Just finished our last week at Lockheed Martin, what a great experience! #usa#internship

Firdaus@Pedot@Along (@firdauspedot) Instagram Profile Photofirdauspedot



Thanks For the Short but Memorable Trip to Cameron Highland.. and thanks for making me feel like i'm a part of PEKA's Family..Walaupun sekejap, tapi bermakna, haha.. baru harini ada masa nak upload#internship#peka#throwback#cameronhighland#silveryouth

Its kind of crazy to think this is how and where m 1667118645435612190

Its kind of crazy to think this is how and where my time in Federal service started. Basically just swapping stories with new coworkers reminded me of my first solo day with the US Forest Service. I found some late 1880s explosives in the woods at an abandoned gold mine which we then detonated with the above pictured dynamite the next day. Since that day I have worked for two more land management agencies across the country and I will likely work for more in the future. All this is thanks to a simple internship at my college that has resulted in a career and direction.#yourpublicland#goldrush#dynamite#protectingyourpublicland#hardhats#ppe#federalservice#landmanagement#bendixking#usforestservice#humblebeginings#plumasnationalforest#internship#themountainsarecalling#andimustgo#eod#blasting#wildlandfirefighter#parkranger#lifeofaparkranger#nps#nationalparkservice#leo#police#thingreenline#thinblueline#nationalparkservice

Holly Wade / Club Crafted (@clubcrafted) Instagram Profile Photoclubcrafted

Holly Wade / Club Crafted

BIG NEWS!Club Crafted will be hiring a social me 1667116884348049801

BIG NEWS!Club Crafted will be hiring a social media intern for the winter semester! If you live, love and breathe social media AND you live in the Orange County, CA area, this might be the job for you ️This is an unpaid internship for course credit, but you'll have the opportunity to customize your work responsibilities and learn from experience. Head to the blog for the full job description, and contact me if you're interested in learning more!

Sindi Paramitha (@sindikadim) Instagram Profile Photosindikadim

Sindi Paramitha

Part 1 • Trip to Tembagapura ‍️This is mostly my memories of happiness as an internship at PT Freeport Indonesia. With a valuable opportunity that’s a companion visitor (and become a visitor too wkwk). I can visit the city on the mountain with the most complete facilities.In the morning was at the airport to pick up the visitors and wait for the helicopter to go to Tembagapura#internship#ptfreeportindonesia

The Creator's Club (@accessthecreatorsclub) Instagram Profile Photoaccessthecreatorsclub

The Creator's Club

In this clip, a student interested in interning wi 1667109930802568106

In this clip, a student interested in interning with @manrepellertransformed her resume into a CEREAL BOX! The lesson is, there are no rules anymore... think ‘outside the box’, standout and make an impression! That’s how you get the opportunities that you really want. [clip courtesy of @britishvogue@youtube ]