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Inside Weddings Eyepicture Studio2017Doesn't M 1670200672988771946

Inside Weddings Eyepicture Studio2017Doesn't Manvi's MehandiSangeet look amazingly pretty?? Lucky Mandeep we must say!! A wedding Series of our amazing couple MM (Manvi & Mandeep). Sneak peak from the Mehandi festivities oftheir multi day interfaith Wedding Celebration.#weddingseries#2017#manvimandeep#indiancouple#hinduwedding#sikhwedding#southasianwedding#interfaithwedding#bride#groom#mehandi#floraljewelry#weddingdress#weddingphotography#clicksbyprateek#internationalphotographer#eyepicturestudio#2017#

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️️️It's finally white out there, so I'm sharing on 1669897565912624378

️️️It's finally white out there, so I'm sharing one of my fave winter wedding outfits again! You know how I feel about this #hygge -licious ensemble from @nordstrom.#weddingdress#weddinggown#weddingsweater ? It is now.

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Sharing the shit out of this sneak peek at the Mar 1669890579636513374

Sharing the shit out of this sneak peek at the March/April issue of #rocknrollbridemagazine . The timing was right on as I work on a blog post about *not wearing white* (among other things...) THESECOLORS🤤 That veil that looks like vintage nude stockings, that colonial blue, thatmillennial pink! I'm losing it. Check all those tags, obvs! #getit

Ritualisms (@ritualisms_) Instagram Profile Photoritualisms_


I'm working on some heavy blog posts (SO MANY WORD 1667742454352222174

I'm working on some heavy blog posts (SO MANY WORDS), but that's later-me's problem. In the mean time, I want to know what movie weddings make you especially swoony when you watch them. This is one of my favorites: Meg March and John Brooke's ring around the gazebo nuptials in the 1994 adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's #littlewomen . Tell me yours! #movieweddings

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Doreen Naor

Moments before my favorite part of our day ️.Fin 1667165341662269741
Camp NejedaReportShareDownload267

Moments before my favorite part of our day ️.Finally getting around now to organizing all the pictures and videos from our photographer and that friends and family sent us - it’s a mammoth task and I definitely don’t recommend putting it off as much as we did.Our day wasn’t perfect, and even now it’s hard to not get bummed by all the what-ifs and if-onlys. It was hard for me for a long time to come to terms with the bits I wish I could’ve changed. But the truth is that there was so much beauty and so much joy in the moments that meant so much to me (our vows alone in the woods, the absolutely perfect ceremony, our first dance , speeches and performances by our friends & family). But beyond that, our wedding was so much more than that single day..All the crafting, the spreadsheets (yes! I love spreadsheets!), the hours spent thinking through our ceremony with @simongold72 , the time our families and our friends put into helping us, the anticipation of seeing something we’ve created together come to life. Even the day I spent 12 hours straight looking for the perfect venue, only to have Sebastian rip me from the computer for a walk around the block. Ah I miss it! ️ But I’m also excited for what’s ahead..#campgetenough#itsnaorraeder#campwedding#nonprofitwedding#weddingplanner#eventplanner#njwedding#weekendwedding#imperfectwedding#israeligermanwedding#israeligerman#interfaithwedding#vegancouple#vegancouplesofig#vegancouplesdoitbetter#customdress#customweddingdress